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The 3 Best Excuses to Justify Upgrading Your Home Automation

Because We Know You Want to

The 3 Best Excuses to Justify Upgrading Your Home Automation

We spend a lot of time on these pages expounding the benefits of smart home technology, because, well, it’s what we do. And we are genuinely excited about all areas of AV and home technology, as evidenced by our ample 20,000 square foot Marietta showroom, well worth the drive from your Cumming home if you can tear yourself away from beautiful Lake Lanier for a bit.

Maybe you've already invested in a home automation system. Or perhaps you happen to have bought a Cumming property that already had a system or a component of one like lighting control. If what you have isn’t broken, why fix it? We say, don’t fix it, but maintain it so it continues to run well. We can do that for you too. But if your system has a few years on it, we’re going to recommend you upgrade. Why? Because there’s so much you can do with the latest smart home technology! As metro Atlanta's leading home automation company, once we show you all the things your smart home can do, you’ll have no excuse not to upgrade. But below are the excuses you can use to justify it to your significant other! 

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Control4 or Crestron? 

Control4 and Crestron are the biggest names in residential home automation. If you have one of these excellent platforms, there are reasons to upgrade. That reason is called OS 3 – yes, for both companies. Both Crestron and Control4 overhauled their control software for ease of use, smoother navigation, greater personalization and user customization, and a thoroughly modern look and feel worthy of the latest Apple design language. 

Starting with Crestron, OS 3 – referred to as Crestron Home OS 3 – brought a tremendous amount of simplicity and streamlining. For an integrator like GHT Group, it lets us set up a sophisticated home automation system with far less programming (sometimes none) and configuration than before. If you have a Crestron system and have ever had to add anything to it or change the way something works, you will marvel at how easy it is in Home OS 3. If your Cumming home is a second home by the lake and you also have a condominium in Midtown, OS 3 has multi-property control so you can remotely monitor and manage both homes. It’s just one of many new features designed to let you have more control over your smart home experience and personalize it to your needs. 

Moving to Control4 OS 3, it similarly brought a modern, intuitive look and feel. For things that are sometimes complicated in some systems like whole-home audio, Control4 focused on making it incredibly easy to choose a source – like Apple Music or Spotify – and play it in any area of the home that you want. On the hardware side, the recently introduced Neeo remote brings style to a remote you won't mind leaving out, as well as the power to not only control your AV setup but all your other smart functions too. 

Newer, Faster Hardware

Digital technology moves fast, and new software with all the wonderful new features tends to outstrip the capability of older systems. You replace your smartphone and computer every 2-5 years, and your old home automation hardware may not be able to run the software – just like your other devices. Plus, new hardware will bring other worthy features. For example, newer higher-end Control4 system controllers feature high-resolution digital audio distribution capability, which can enhance your audio quality and make it easier to have your favorite music everywhere you want it. Crestron hardware has improved too, with smaller and less complex controllers that are a snap to install without a huge equipment closet. Both companies have upgraded keypad controllers and touchscreens which sport greater elegance, snazzier materials, new colors, and increased power for more control.

The New Theater, Home Office, or Outdoor Entertainment

When you add something significant to your home, you’ll want to integrate it with your other home automation. A home theater or outdoor AV setup will involve AV control, lighting, audio and video distribution, and other elements. A newer system might better meet the needs of these new areas and make your entire smart home more capable and easier to use. 

Now that you’re armed with all the right reasons to upgrade, call GHT Group to get started. Reach out to us here, make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chat box below to connect with one of our home automation experts quickly. We look forward to working with you! 

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