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Ditch the Switch with a Whole Home Lighting Control System

You’ll Never Want to Return to Regular Lighting

Ditch the Switch with a Whole Home Lighting Control System

Lighting control is one of the most popular smart home accouterments, and for very good reasons. But those reasons will vary greatly depending upon people’s needs and motivations. For some, it’s the convenience of having more than one way to control lights, like from a smartphone or through a voice assistant. For others, a schedule or sensor that turns off lights brings efficiency and energy savings.

Perhaps the best reason for going with a whole-home lighting control system – and not just one room or a few lights – is all of the above. Each reason is justification enough for lighting control for a Milton, GA home, but it becomes so easy to rationalize when putting them all together. See what we mean below!

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Not Just Light, Illumination for Life

Light is not just for function. Light can set the scene for any activity, like working from home, cooking, working out, relaxing, and entertaining – indoors and out. With whole-home lighting control, you can do all of this with ease. You can even vary white light color temperature and use color for both mood and aesthetic enhancement. One touch of a button, a voice command, or your mere presence in a space can trigger any lighting scene that makes every experience at home better.

Touchless Control

Make your lighting work for you. For example, when your hands are full of groceries and you enter from the garage, your hall and kitchen lights come on to preferred settings so you can quickly unload. In the middle of the night, motion sensors can softly illuminate the path to the restroom or the kitchen. And your outdoor lights come on at precisely 10 minutes after sunset and go off 7 minutes after sunrise, thanks to automated schedules that don't need to adjust for daylight savings or the season.

Make Your Home Unique

Automation and control do not give away anything to style. Your home need not have the standard Decora switches you see everywhere. Instead, custom engraved, backlit, programmable keypads in an array of modern styles and colors consolidate multiple switches and lighting loads, make lights easier to access, and lend an air of elegance to your spaces.

Automate Your Life

Smart lighting is an integral part of whole-home automation. Make lighting part of your security system with smart locks, alarms, and cameras that are all integrated to keep your home safe. Your lights can also work with powered window treatments and smart thermostats to keep your home comfortable, energy-efficient, and maintain a healthy balance of natural light. When it all works together in harmony, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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