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How Smart Home Technology Helps Sell Homes

Add the Wow Factor to Your Clients’ Properties

How Smart Home Technology Helps Sell Homes

As a real estate professional, investor, or builder, you know a thing or two about what creates an appealing property. Having properties with contemporary layouts, finishes, and colors helps make the crucial first impression that makes buyers interested. Modern appliances, kitchens, and up-to-date baths are also critical. Often spending more money on landscaping helps draw buyers in, too. 

Another area that can add the wow factor is smart technology. A recent Houzz survey found that half of renovating homeowners were looking to add intelligent systems in their new homes. There is no doubt that buyers have a high interest in smart tech, and smart tech can also add flair that impresses.

How does a smart home installation make your properties and projects stand out in Atlanta’s competitive market? Read on to learn more.

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The Smarter Kitchen

Most buyers place the majority of their focus on kitchens. Aside from cabinets, sinks, and the latest appliances, smart technologies can enhance utility and value.

Smart lighting adds utility, convenience, and can enhance the distinctive features of a home. Smart lighting solutions unify banks of light switches to be controlled with a tap or two. Make every light dimmable with LED fixtures and smart controls, where any individual fixture or groups of fixtures can be precisely controlled. Want to impress buyers more? Program scenes with smart lighting to show how easy it is to set the stage for cooking, dinners, entertaining, or any other typical kitchen activities.

Beyond food-related activities, kitchens tend to serve as home hubs. Smart technology helps the hub become the home command center. Display a touch screen that controls various home functions, like viewing who is at the door via a video doorbell. Install architectural speakers and show how easy it is to call up music from popular streaming sources and direct it to any rooms of the house. Install a security camera and show the simplicity of keeping an eye on kids playing outdoors while parents are busy preparing dinner.

Energy Efficiency

Smart technology can make any home more energy efficient. Install motorized shades in your model and demonstrate how buyers can manage comfort easily in any season, cutting the sun's glare and controlling heat buildup in summer. Better yet, with a smart home automation system from Control4, show how powered shades can work with smart thermostats to both keep a home comfortable and save energy when homeowners are away. It doesn't hurt that smart thermostats also have a modern design and look better than standard versions. Even better, smart models can separate temperature sensing from control and mount in a homeowner's preferred location rather than an awkward central one.


Any buyer will want their new home investment to be safe whether they’re home or away. Install smart security technology to show how buyers can keep an eye on a variety of areas in and around the house. A security camera can monitor movement inside and outdoors. Video doorbells let them see who is at the door remotely and communicate with a visitor. Smart locks eliminate the need for keys, can be checked and secured remotely, and are a boon for allowing temporary access for services or guests. Smart sensors can detect dangers like carbon monoxide levels and water leaks, and instantly alert a homeowner to take action.

GHT Group can show you how to impress your Atlanta clients and homebuyers with the latest smart technology that adds that finishing touch to your properties. Visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our smart home experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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