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What Are the Best Locations to Install Security Cameras?

Tips on Placement for Keeping Your Home Safe

What Are the Best Locations to Install Security Cameras?

Today’s smart security cameras and systems are an excellent way to keep an eye on your home. Motion sensing and other advanced features can instantly alert you to unexpected visitors, intrusions, or potential problems.

As with many things related to safety and security, the right security camera installation is critical for a system to provide the safety benefits you are looking for in your Alpharetta, GA home. Where you place your cameras might be the difference between averting an issue versus finding out about it when it’s too late to act. Keep reading below for some practical tips on security camera placement to keep your home and property safer.

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Front Doors and Entries

One area you want to monitor is the front door. You may want that monitored by a camera or one that is integrated into a doorbell system like the Control4 DoorStation. But one thing to be mindful of is the ease of tampering. A camera that is too easily destroyed or smashed is of little value in alerting you of a problem. Moreover, at night, despite many cameras having night vision, identifying someone who shattered the camera could be difficult due to lighting and facial obfuscations.

If you have a video doorbell, for extra security augment it with a high mounted camera that is not easily reached or swatted with a bat or stick. Look for high-quality cameras with high resolution, advanced night vision, and a wide-angle field of view. 


High-mounted cameras installed under eaves at corners of your house can form a perimeter defense. Not all intruders go through front doors, especially in larger homes and properties with multiple entries. Your French doors out to your back patio might be a more inviting target as it may be far less visible to neighbors and passersby on the street in front. You can set up specific cameras that don't need a wide viewing range to ensure a clear view of these areas.

Another area to consider is your garage. Many garages have separate doors on the side for entry, aside from the main one and windows. These are often prime targets for burglars and are sometimes not well-lit. You can place a camera above these areas, or one inside the garage. With modern cameras able to discern between a mouse and a person moving in your garage, your camera can trigger the alarm and automated lights should an intrusion occur.

Active Cameras

Some security cameras have active features such as pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ). These cameras can pan to a location where motion is detected in a field of view and automatically zoom in for a closer look. Depending on the system, that motion can trigger an alert on your smart device, or even turn on outside lights automatically to capture an image and potentially startle an unwanted guest. 


Make your security camera installation an effective tool for keeping your home safe. Contact us here to learn more about smart security solutions or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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