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Enhance Home Communications with Control4’s Intercom Anywhere

Enjoy A Smart Home That Keeps You Connected from Anywhere in the World

Enhance Home Communications with Control4’s Intercom Anywhere

The days of the old-fashioned doorbell are gone. Nowadays, you can see who is at the door and communicate with those people directly without having to walk all the way to the front of the house.

DIY video doorbells have become increasingly popular because they are relatively simple to install and access, but the performance of that technology can be unreliable, especially if there are any errors in the installation process.

Since 2003, Control4 has been leading the charge when it comes to smart home automation services, offering robust and stable control systems that, through a professional installation, can enhance how you interact with your home space.

Intercom Anywhere is Control4’s latest innovation, taking the core idea of a video doorbell and expanding it so the technology plays a more significant role in overall home communications.

Keep reading to learn how this feature can elevate your Metro Atlanta property.


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What Is Intercom Anywhere?

Control4’s Intercom Anywhere debuted this summer, giving homeowners the ability to receive and respond to video intercom calls from home or away. Using the Control4 Door Station module, Intercom Anywhere connects you with the person at your front door or gate and allows you to grant or deny access.

Waiting for a package to arrive while you’re at work? You’ll be notified when the delivery person is at your door. And when you’ve verified their identity, you can unlock your front door so they can leave the package inside. No more rushing to the door when guests arrive for a party. You’ll be able to greet them from your smartphone and let them inside, making for a more personal start to the gathering.  

Intercom Anywhere can also be used as a way to communicate within the house, with Control4 touchscreens allowing you to make calls within the home. You can also call directly into your intercom system, so if your kids tend to leave their phones in their room, you'll be able to reach them anywhere in the house.


Benefit From Other Control4 Features

Intercom Anywhere is just the latest feature of Control4’s home automation services, but Control4 overall offers a wealth of advantages for any homeowner. Control4 is designed to increase comfort and convenience by bringing the controls for all of your home’s smart technology together. Through a Control4 interface, you can access and adjust lighting, climate, motorized shades, HVAC, security, A/V systems and more – all from a single app, remote or touchscreen panel.

By working with Georgia Home Theater, you can ensure you will receive a highly functional integrated Control4 system personalized to your needs – whether it’s an Intercom Anywhere installation or an entire smart home design.

You can visit our Marietta and Buckhead showrooms to see a Control4 system in action, along with a wide variety of other smart home devices and high-end A/V technology.


Want to learn more about home automation services for your Metro Atlanta property? Reach out to one of our experts by calling us at (770) 955-8909, chatting live with us below or filling out our online form.


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