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3 Signs a Creston Control System Might Be Right for Your Home

Explore the Crestron Difference in Home Automation

3 Signs a Creston Control System Might Be Right for Your Home

For all intents and purposes, home automation technology is mainstream these days. A host of companies are making everything from smart light bulbs to thermostats to video doorbells, and many of them are connected to Google, Apple, and Amazon home automation platforms. While it seems like a recent phenomenon, in reality, home automation has been around for decades, and some companies have been at it longer than others.

Crestron is one such company and the one that practically invented home automation. Crestron started in 1971 building a variety of automated machines, and it began focusing on electronics control in the late 1980s with one of the first wireless remotes for commercial systems. The company's long history and focus on automation have made it a staple of control systems from corporate boardrooms to the largest homes.

As the premier smart home company in Metro Atlanta, Georgia Home Theater has years of experience designing and installing custom Crestron control system solutions for homeowners throughout the area. Read on to learn about three ways Crestron stands out from any other home automation solution.

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The Highest Level of Personalization

One of the main reasons Crestron is a fixture in high-end home automation is the way the system can be highly personalized to your usage and lifestyle. Some home automation systems allow a measure of personalization with colors, backgrounds, and moving some parts of the interface around. Crestron systems go beyond that and can be fully customized – almost to the level of having your own custom application for the way you want to control and interact with your home. Buttons, colors, backgrounds, and importantly, navigation paths can be customized in the user interface, making complex home control functions easy to master.

Voice control is increasingly popular with homeowners as another option for home control and automation.  Crestron has partnered with all the major players in voice control – Amazon, Google, and Apple, and even – to integrate voice commands seamlessly with custom Crestron automation. Crestron has taken voice control further than the norm, with the ability to respond to commands like “I’m too cold” or “it’s dark in here” and respond appropriately with climate and lighting changes. 

Whole Home Video and Audio

Crestron’s video and audio distribution systems let you route any content to any display in your house, inside or outside. If you hate the clutter of streaming and cable boxes, multiple remotes, and wires everywhere, Crestron media distribution systems are for you. With a Crestron system, can access all your music, shows, movies, and more through one consistent and intuitive interface. You can route ultra-high definition 4K video to any TV in your home, and enjoy high-resolution music as well in every room you choose to have it. All the right settings can be pre-programmed in your Crestron system so that all you have to do is select the content you want to enjoy on a streamlined Crestron remote control.

Total Home Control

Other home automation systems integrate with other vendor's equipment, and so does Crestron. But a unique aspect of Crestron is the breadth of their automation offerings. Crestron makes its own lighting control system, and they offer an extensive array of motorized shade and window treatment solutions as well. They even make audio amplifiers suitable for high-end multi-room audio and home theaters. They also offer a wide variety of ways to interact with your home, with a nod to high-end aesthetics. Stylish Crestron touch screens can even be had in custom colors, and wall-mounted keypads like the Horizon series are available with large and small buttons, custom etching, and materials like wood, metal, and stone. Your Crestron automated home doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. It can be all your own.


Does a Crestron control system sound like the home automation solution for you? Please visit our Atlanta area showrooms, call us at (770) 955-8909, or just click the button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to showing you more!

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