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How to Thwart Theft with a Security Camera Installation

Keep Porch Pirates at Bay with Your Electronic Eyes

How to Thwart Theft with a Security Camera Installation

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes lots of online shopping and package deliveries. You'll get plenty of notifications that your package is approaching or at your door, but even in the best neighborhoods, there's always the chance you might be the victim of porch piracy.

What is porch piracy? As you might surmise, it’s the opportunistic thief that might be tailing the UPS or Amazon truck and lifting the AirPods your teenager coveted for Christmas from your front door before you’ve had a chance to retrieve it. No one wants that agony. But there is a way to make those pirates think twice about targeting your Dunwoody, GA porch with a security camera installation. Learn how below.

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The Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is a great addition to your home's security arsenal. Video doorbells double as security cameras, and their smart features help keep your packages and home more secure. A perfect example of the uber-smart video doorbell is the Control4 Chime, which has five adjustable zones that you can watch for motion. When your package gets delivered, you will know right away. 

Now you know that your package is there, but what if it’s particularly valuable and you don’t want it left outside for even an hour? Suppose no one is home when it’s coming? That’s where the extra smart capabilities come in. The Chime is part of the Control4 smart home system and can trigger many other smart automation helpers. For example, you can leave special instructions for your delivery to ring the doorbell to access the garage. When the doorbell is rung, you can check on your smartphone with the Control4 Intercom Anywhere app, talk to the delivery person to confirm who they are, and remotely open your garage door to safely place your package. How do you ensure the delivery? Read the next paragraph!

The Garage-Cam

Garages are excellent locations for placing security cameras, as they are popular break-in locations for thieves, especially through side access doors. A security camera inside your garage can monitor it day and night, making it easy to confirm that your package was placed in the garage. When it's done, you can remotely close your garage door again and arm your alarm remotely with your Control4 smart home system.

The garage camera can also monitor the space for unwanted critters that may decide to make a home for the winter. The latest cameras have advanced night vision and people detection capabilities, so you can identify the squatter species and evict them before they get too comfortable.

The Front Yard Cam

The latest cameras feature high-resolution recording and a wide field of view. You can install a wide-angle outdoor camera or two at strategic apexes of your house for even more protection. With proper positioning, you can have a wide view of all activity within the perimeter of your property. To avoid setting off alarms and notifications from every passing car or the rustling of fall leaves, you can program your cameras to monitor only specific zones. With high resolution and powerful digital zoom, should anything unusual happen, you will be able to identify vehicles and even read license plates. Some advanced surveillance cameras have machine learning features that can distinguish between trucks and cars for intelligent search and find the footage of that UPS truck when it was at your house.

Thwart the porch pirates and other malfeasance with a security camera installation this season. Contact us here to learn more about smart security solutions or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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