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How to Add a Touch of Style to Your Control4 System

Explore Flush-Mounted Solutions for Your Touchscreens, Keypads, and More

How to Add a Touch of Style to Your Control4 System

Wall-mounted control options are popular among homeowners since they are readily-available, customizable and easy to use – all in convenient locations throughout their homes. Our clients love that their Control4 system lets them manage lights, climate, music, and more without having to use a remote or a smartphone app. Everything is accessible on keypads or touchpads just a few feet away.

Interior design-conscious homeowners are understandably not as eager to fill their walls with gadgets. After all, it’s reasonable to think that a Control4 system can result in a lot of unseemly wall clutter throughout your Sandy Springs-area home. Not only do wall-mounted devices protrude from the wall, but frequently they're also a different color.

So, how can you enjoy the intuitive controls that a Control4 system offers without ruining your interior décor?

Enjoy the best of both worlds with flush-mount installations that help your in-wall controls camouflage seamlessly with their surroundings. Learn more about these solutions and the partners we at GHT Group work with to help homeowners achieve a more stylish smart home.

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What Are Flush-Mounted Solutions?

The primary goal of a flush-mount installation is to keep your wall-mounted devices from protruding. Recessed into a small custom niche, they lay flush with the surrounding wall to better integrate into your home's architectural finishes. Guidelines may vary slightly between different manufacturers, but the general process is the same.

During construction, a mounting platform goes into the surrounding drywall with a small electrical enclosure where your component will live – whether it’s a light switch, keypad or touchscreen device. On top of the enclosure, you'll have a trim or bracket to keep the component in place. In some cases, there’s an additional fascia on top you can paint to match the surrounding wall.

What Are the Best Solutions Available?

There are two companies in particular we recommend for flush-mount finishes to Control4 systems. Created specifically for smart home installations, TruFig and SeeLess both offer solutions for any on-wall feature you may want to add. Add thermostats, keypads, touchpads, smoke detectors, and wireless access points without worrying about the impact on your décor.

Deciding which to go with comes down entirely to personal preference. SeeLess offers great ready-to-implement solutions for common items like Nest Thermostats, Control4 touchpads, and smoke alarms. Each allows for recessed installation, so you don't have to deal with anything protruding from the walls.

For minimalist installations or those with an apparent stylistic bent, we recommend going with TruFig. TruFig is a custom solution that lets you camouflage almost anything including speakers, electrical outlets, HVAC vents, and more. Perhaps even more critical is the fascia that comes with their flush-mounted installations.

These can be painted to match a variety of finishes including wood, metal, tile, and stone to disappear entirely within the surrounding wall. Rarely used components — like mandated electrical outlets — can also be covered by camouflaged fascia when not in use.

Ready to embrace a Control4 system that brings together elegance and convenience at your Sandy Springs-area home?

Find out how our flush-mounted solutions help you upgrade to a more stylish smart home. Reach out by chatting with us on the bottom right, contacting us here, or calling (770) 955-8909.

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