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Elevate Midtown Atlanta Living with Motorized Shades

Control the Sun and Enjoy the View at Your Midtown High-Rise Unit

Elevate Midtown Atlanta Living with Motorized Shades

If you have moved to Midtown Atlanta in the past few years, you have seen tremendous growth and improvement in this urban enclave. The Olympic Games in 1996 helped accelerate that growth, and the area boasts amenities like the Woodruff Arts Center, Atlantic Station, great restaurants and so much more.

You enjoy living in your modern urban high-rise, but come summer the hot southern sun streaming in your floor-to-ceiling view windows makes your air conditioning work overtime. It's easy enough to draw the curtains or shades, but you don't want to block the view. And continually opening and closing drapes and shades gets tiring. What's the solution? Motorized shades.

You might think that motorized shades might be limiting in style, too modern, or challenging to install in your space. We'd like to politely dispel all those notions here and show you how motorized shades will enhance your urban Atlanta living spaces.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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Convenience and Comfort

Motorized window treatments are all about convenience and comfort. When the summer sun is streaming through your view windows and adding several degrees to your unit’s temperature, a touch of a button can adjust your shades to the right position to control the temperature. What’s more, when paired with other smart home technology, your thermostat can be adjusted with it, as well as your lights. You can harness the light of the sun, filter it to your comfort level, and control the indoor temperature throughout the day.

If you don't want even to press a button, your settings can be intelligently automated for you. Sunlight sensors can measure the strength of the rays and automatically draw the shades and trigger your sequence of events for maximum comfort. Or temperature sensors can be employed to ensure the temperature and lighting are always right by adjusting the shades, climate, and lighting based on your preferences. If you enjoy your view at specific times of day, your shades can be opened based in timers, and those timers can be varied by season as well. If you want to change things, your preferred scene settings can be triggered by a simple voice command.

Styles to Fit Your Style

One of the questions we often get is that people love the idea of motorized shades, but think they will be severely limited with décor options. The reality is that motorized window treatment options abound. Need blackout shades? No problem. Have multistory windows in your penthouse? Motorized shades ideal for that purpose. Have curved windows? Even that curve doesn't faze us; there are motorized tracks for that too.

Of course, if you live high up, you want to enjoy your city views. You can still filter the sun and not block the view. A wide selection of fabrics filter the sun and UV rays but are still transparent enough for you to see the Atlanta skyline. At night, enjoy the lights of the city while also having privacy in your domain.

Easy Installation

Another idea that often deters people from motorized window treatments is that you need to rewire your home to install it. While wired solutions are excellent for some applications and may be ideal for new builds and remodels, battery-operated solutions are available and are easily installed. What's more, the batteries do not need to be recharged often, and the motors are extremely quiet. Installation of battery-powered shading solutions is not much more complicated than manually operated window treatments.

Added Value

Aside from the convenience, comfort, and luxury, motorized shades can add financial value. First, there are substantial savings from harnessing and controlling the sun effectively, saving on lighting and climate control costs. Then there is the “wow” factor for a potential buyer of your unit, with all the automation possibilities that are enabled by your motorized window treatments. This solution might just tip the scales to sell your property quicker and get a higher value. 

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