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How Your Business Benefits from Motorized Shades

Increase Comfort and Save Energy, Elegantly

How Your Business Benefits from Motorized Shades

On these pages in the recent past, we’ve enthusiastically extolled the virtues of motorized shades in residential settings. There's no denying the comfort and convenience factors, the compounded benefits from integration with other smart automation, and the real energy savings they can bring. 

You may not know that all the benefits above can be applied to commercial settings, as well. We could even argue that the business case for motorized shades in your Marietta, GA enterprise is easier to make.

How? Keep reading to learn some smart shading solutions for business.

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Add Comfort and Elegance

With the mild weather in the Atlanta area, many restaurants can take advantage of outdoor seating. If you have a patio, depending on the sun exposure, you need some type of shading. Often many restaurants employ manual shading, and staff are required to walk around manually adjusting the shades for patron comfort.  

Patio shading is an excellent application for motorized shades in a business setting. The shades can gradually raise or lower depending on the sun’s position and intensity. If there’s a view, it can be enjoyed.. When the sun is beaming directly on tables, the shades can be fully lowered. All of this can be done at the touch of a button, and shades can be programmed into “zones” that are individually managed. For the ultimate sophistication, shades can be on a schedule that adjusts automatically throughout the outdoor seasons. Restaurant staff can attend to customers more attentively, and restaurant patrons stay comfortable automatically. With many options for fabrics and opacity, motorized shades not only add comfort but can be an elegant part of the exterior décor.

Let the Sunshine In

In office buildings, fluorescent and LED fixtures are used for efficient lighting sources. But there’s another way to harness natural light efficiently to save energy and provide a more comfortable work environment. We’ve discussed human-centric tunable lighting and its wellness benefits for residential use, and the concept has been used for commercial settings for some time. 

If your building has many windows, motorized window shades can maximize the natural light, decreasing the use of artificial light, and creating a more natural work environment. Research shows workers are more productive when they have opportunities for outside views and to be able to enjoy natural light streaming in. 

With motorized shades, you can garner efficiency from using less artificial light, reducing the load on HVAC systems in warm and cold seasons, and let just the perfect amount of light into your spaces. 

At the most sophisticated level, our shading partner Lutron has a system for adaptive smart shading. Wireless sensors mounted in windows track the position of the sun as it goes around the building, adjusting shading automatically and dynamically even in changing conditions as clouds roll in and out. Lutron is a lighting control company and their adaptive motorized shading can be coordinated with lighting control for a perfectly controlled work environment. 

Can your business benefit from motorized shades? To learn more, we invite you to visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with us. We look forward to working with you!

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