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Step into a Day of Living with Tunable LED Light Fixtures

Morning, Noon and Night, Tunable LEDs Elevate Every Home Activity

Step into a Day of Living with Tunable LED Light Fixtures

When you upgrade your home lighting to Ketra tunable LED light fixtures, your lights become much more than a utility. They become part of your home décor. Medicine for improved wellness. A breath of fresh air. Pair them with a Lutron lighting control system, and the LED light fixtures in your Marietta, GA home can rise and fall with you, creating the perfect light for every moment of the day.

From a tranquil morning glow of sunrise to a cool, vibrant afternoon to a warm and serene sunset, Ketra tunable LEDs bring natural light indoors to help you start your day, stay focused, and wind down at night. Read more to step into a day of living with tunable LED lighting fixtures.

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Good Morning

Your alarm wakes you, and the sun is peaking over the horizon. As the alarm sounds, the lights in your bedroom slowly brighten to a warm glow of 2700K, the temperature equivalent to the warm white light of the rising sun. Your eyes adjust with ease to the gradual illumination, and you feel ready to get up.

Start the Day

You’ve showered, dressed, and are ready to start the day. As you descend the stairs to the kitchen for your morning cup of coffee, you’re guided by relaxed recessed lighting that has intensified slightly to 3000K, a warm but crisper color temperature that simulates the light of the morning sun.

Focus on Work

It’s time to focus on work in the home office. Your office lamps or overhead can lights are now crystal-white at 5000K, matching the peak of natural daylight. This cool color temperature (and temperatures higher than 5000K) improves focus and reduces fatigue so you can stay alert and get your tasks done.

Wind Down

Work is complete, and it’s time to relax for the evening. As you make your way to the living room or kitchen, your house lights have gradually warmed and dimmed, wrapping you in a warm glow of 2700K again, the warm hue of a low sunset. Imagine the comforting glow of a traditional incandescent bulb, softly reduced from full brightness.


The day is done, and it’s time to sleep. As you pull back the covers, your can lights have turned off, but your side table lamps emit the comforting luminosity of candlelight at 1900K. As you close your eyes, your lamps slowly power off, ready to wake with you and the sun again in the morning.

When you pair Ketra tunable LEDs with a Lutron lighting control system, you can bring the dynamic color temperature and brightness of the sun indoors without lifting a finger. Your lights will adjust on their own morning, noon, and night. For more hands-on control, Lutron makes it easy to fine-tune your lighting from a mobile app for special occasions like dinner dates, parties, movie nights, and more.

Transform the way you see and experience lighting at home with tunable LED light fixtures. GHT Group is a leader in home lighting solutions, from design to installation and even electrical services. We’d love to help you bring natural light indoors. Schedule a free consultation with us by filling out our contact form or sending us a live chat below.

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