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4 Essential Services You Get from a Professional Home Automation Company

There’s More to Smart Homes than A Few Smart Devices

4 Essential Services You Get from a Professional Home Automation Company

What’s involved in putting together a smart home? Is it just a matter of connecting some smart devices to your home network and downloading a few apps? That might be a way to add some smart conveniences to your Destin, FL home, but it won’t necessarily be the smart home of your dreams.

As a smart home company, we think there’s more to home automation services. Notice the word services, as these are key in achieving the integrated experience you want from an intelligent home that complements and enhances your lifestyle. Here are four key services to look for when crafting your smart Destin home.

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Wiring and Cabling

Like roads and bridges, consider this the infrastructure of the smart home. While many devices communicate wirelessly, wiring still underpins many systems, from high-performance networking to wall controls to smart security cameras. Wiring also enables hiding speakers in walls and TVs and other equipment in furniture and art to install technology that seamlessly blends with your decor.


While today’s home automation systems put more customization power in your hands, the initial programming and setup are still important. A professional can dial in your system to precisely the way you want it to behave and be controlled. A comprehensive smart home system gives you multiple means of control and automation, including wall controls, AV remotes, schedules, and apps. The right programming makes a complicated, integrated system simple and intuitive to use from any touchpoint.


Calibration of sophisticated equipment is essential for the best performance. When it comes to smart entertainment systems, professional setup and calibration of audio and video systems will yield the performance level you want for experiences that impress every time you use them. Part of calibration can also be acoustic treatment to wring the utmost performance from a home theater, media, or listening room.

Maintenance and Support

Would you think twice about buying a high-performance automobile where the nearest trained mechanic or dealer was a thousand miles away? You want and need quality and qualified technicians to maintain your high-end machine. A luxury smart home is no different. Look for a home automation company that is local, can provide varying levels of support, and has the breadth to cover all your systems, including lighting, entertainment, motorized window treatments, and more. For even greater peace of mind, look for companies that offer remote monitoring, diagnostic, and updating services to ensure your system keeps running without interruption.

Look for a company that provides a full set of home automation services for the best smart home experience in your Destin home. Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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