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How to Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Automation System

Enjoy Little Luxuries from Sunup to Sundown

How to Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Automation System

Sometimes, life can be a little tough, and some days are better than others – even in Florida. If you've had a stress-filled workday, a little unplugging and relaxation can help you recharge for the next one. Even if you're retired in your Rosemary Beach home, monitoring the latest stock market gyrations might be slightly more stomach-churning than you'd like. So, what can take a little bit of that edge off? 

The luxury of home automation services might be the ticket for bringing a little more Zen to your life. Smart home assistance can make your day just a little bit better, from beginning to end. Let’s explore a few examples below!

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Good Morning

Whether you're getting up early for work or catching the market open, ease into it with smart home automation. First, your motorized shades gradually rise in the master bedroom to let in the morning light and gently awaken you. Next, your built-in bedroom speakers start a morning playlist to stir you out of bed. As you walk into the kitchen for the ever-important morning coffee, your audio system switches to the morning market news or whatever goes well with coffee for you. Your lights turn up gradually, just enough to light what you need without jolting your eyes. Isn't that a better start to your day? 

During the Day

With motorized shades around the entire house, the Florida sun will never glare at you. You can set them to lower or raise to perfectly control natural light in every room all day long. Your lights and thermostat will synchronize with your shades, maintaining just the right balance of artificial and natural light and the right temperature all day long. You'll feel better knowing that your energy bill is kept in check without much effort from you. The seven consecutive Zoom meetings in the home office or the 1000-point drop in the Dow will be just a bit easier to take. 

Winding Down

After another long day, you’re ready to unplug. After dinner, you can settle into a little entertainment with a cognac or libation of choice. There won’t be any battling with remote controls, as one button press – you can call it “decompress” if you like – will drop your shades, dim the lights, start the audio and TV, set the temperature for sofa relaxation, and bring up your favorite streaming service. You’re ready to choose your show. Home automation once again makes you smile. 


You're more relaxed and ready for bed now. Your master bedroom welcomes you with soft lamps on. There's just the right light in the bathroom to prepare for bed – not jarring, overly bright lights. As you settle into bed, you press a “goodnight” button on the wall keypad next to you, and the lights go off, your 30-minute lullaby playlist begins softly, the smart locks secure the doors, and your alarm and surveillance cameras are ready to stand guard. You slip easily into a restful sleep knowing your house has your back. 


Ready for a more relaxed lifestyle with home automation? Contact our Santa Rosa Beach office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!