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Residential Lighting Design: Doing Bathrooms the Right Way

Elevate Your Bathrooms with the Right Lighting

Residential Lighting Design: Doing Bathrooms the Right Way

There’s an old adage that says good lighting can make any room look good, and bad lighting can make even the most beautiful space look seriously deficient. OK, we’ll admit we just made that one up.

However, adage or not, there is truth in our words. Our eyes see everything as reflections of light off objects. And any picture you see is also the capture of light into an image. Light is a critical factor in how you view just about everything.

When it comes to residential lighting design, perhaps there is nothing more annoying than a poorly lit bathroom. Bathrooms serve multiple purposes. They are functional spaces, but they also increasingly serve as retreats for relaxation with luxurious tubs, showers and other amenities. How do you illuminate bathrooms in Brookhaven, GA, to serve these different needs? We're glad you asked. Keep reading for some of the latest lighting trends for today's bathrooms.

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Lighting a Path

First, you have to be able to navigate a bathroom. At night, the last thing you want to do is turn on a bright light for a quick mid-slumber visit. Under-counter and cabinet lighting—soft or dimmable—is an ideal way to see where you’re going but keep from blinding you in the middle of the night. And it’s elegant, too.

Proper Vanity Lighting

Women often complain about poorly lit vanities with good reason. Often, the lighting casts shadows and makes it difficult to apply makeup and fixing hair. For men, the shadows can make it challenging to get a close shave. The best way to illuminate vanity areas is from the side, with wall-mounted fixtures at eye level on both sides of the mirror. The cross lighting will make for shadowless, functional light. Make it bright and add dimming capabilities for softer illumination when full brightness is not needed. While you're at it, backlighting a mirror adds a beautiful effect for a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. With today's efficient and versatile LED lighting, it’s easy and cost-effective.

Elegant Tub Areas

One of the latest trends is to add elegance to a tub with a chandelier. Make it dimmable, of course, to set a soft glow for a relaxing bath. The chandelier draws attention to the tub to accent it and becomes part of your spa-like bath design.

Ambient Light

Bath areas are both functional and relaxing and can be both at the same time. Different layers of light are needed to accomplish those goals. Overhead recessed lights can add needed lumens, while more decorative ones like sconces and cove lighting fill in the layers. Using all the lighting elements together makes the bath area both functional and pleasing to the eye.

In bathrooms, you'll often want softer, warmer light, the type in the neighborhood of 2,000 to 3,000 Kelvin. Brighter, bluer light is in the 4,000 and above Kelvin range. But you can have both with today's tunable LED lighting. Have it brighter for awakening and getting ready in the morning and go softer as the day wears on for more relaxing light hues. Better yet, control it all effortlessly with smart lighting control.


Want a beautifully illuminated bath, or better, your whole house?  From the latest LED lighting solutions and  control systems to custom design services, GHT Group is here to help. Contact us here or click the chatbox below to connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you!

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