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Which Rooms Benefit Most from Custom Window Treatments?

Enjoy Greater Beauty, Comfort and Convenience Throughout Your Home

Few things say luxury quite like custom window treatments. People may not prioritize them when building their dream homes, but they're often that final touch to elevate their interior design through beautiful, handcrafted fabrics. If installed properly and optimized with smart technology, though, they become more than a stylistic flourish. 

Not only do they primarily manage the natural light in your home, but they protect your privacy and even reduce your monthly energy costs. To better showcase their impact in your home in Marietta or the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, we’ve homed in on four areas where motorized shades add real value. Have a look to see which custom window treatments make the most sense in each and the impact they have on your everyday lifestyle. 

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Enjoy refreshing natural light as you get ready in the morning without sacrificing your privacy with beautiful sheer roller shades. Take advantage of control from a handheld remote, app or even voice commands to close them before you even enter the bathroom. Opt for traditional white fabrics or color-match them to match any unique marble finishes. 

Living Room 

Custom window treatments are most valuable in your living room for a few reasons. Living rooms usually feature the largest windows and heavy, luxurious fabrics since they're the ones you'll show off most to guests. The reason we love working with Lutron shades is that you’re able to integrate easy-to-use drapes, blinds and shades with few limits in size, color or fabrics. 

Often these shades are also hard to access, making manual models impractical. So instead, our custom window treatments can be managed via mobile apps, touchpads, or elegant on-wall keypads. Motorized shades also close when hit by direct sunlight to reduce glare and heat gain for greater comfort. 


We know for some, the slightest sunlight or glare from a nearby streetlight can ruin a good night’s sleep. Blackout shades are a must-have for bedrooms to create the dungeon-like environment needed for uninterrupted sleep. Schedule shades to close at your desired bedtime and rise in the morning, so you stir awake to sunlight rather than a blaring alarm clock. Lutron’s ultra-silent motors are great for nurseries; easily shut shades during nap time using your phone without fear of a noisy engine waking the baby. 


That's right; custom window treatments aren't just for indoor applications. Motorized outdoor shades are a great way to enjoy your patio year-round. At the press of a button, close your outdoor shades to keep out pesky pests in the summer, rain in the spring or frigid wind in the winter. You can even incorporate heat sensors, so shades automatically close in peak summer to keep your patio cool and ready for you when you want to use it. 

Have more questions about the best way to implement custom window treatments in your home? Motorized shades come with various model, fabric and control options, so it’s tough to gauge what's best for your needs. Our shading experts would love to help; just reach out by calling us, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.