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4 Essential Front Yard Areas That Need Landscape Lighting

Work with Our Landscape Lighting Company to Effectively Illuminate Your Home

4 Essential Front Yard Areas That Need Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting makes an impactful addition to your property. When designed well, a landscape lighting system can boost curb appeal and help your home stand out among the rest in Alys Beach, FL.

While it’s fun to get creative with how you light up your home, our landscape lighting company recommends installing lighting to bolster safety first. Then you can expand your system to add unique beauty to your property! Below, learn four essential front yard areas that require light for safety.

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Every entry point on your property needs some form of light for improved safety after dark. That includes your front door, side and back doors, and garage door. Consider placing exterior wall lights on either side of the entry or overhead if the entry is covered—such as by a front porch. These lights can automatically turn on when motion is detected or once the sun goes down.


Pathways that lead to entry points should be well lit to guide you around the property. Not only are paths safer when they’re evenly lit from end to end, but they also make your home look welcoming. If you want path lights that add flair to your yard by day, then consider unique path lights by Coastal Source. If you’d prefer that they be discreet, low-profile bullet lights are a more subtle alternative.


Like paths, steps need light to help you and visitors see where your steps begin and end. Whether you have just one step or an elaborate stairway that leads to the front door, any rise in elevation should be clearly visible to avoid slips and falls. Consider lip or step landscape lights that mount flush to each riser and illuminate when the sun goes down. Once the sun rises, they’ll turn off on their own.

Changes in Topography

Steps aren’t the only rise in elevation on your property that should have light for safety. Any areas throughout your landscape where the topography abruptly rises—or dips—should also be lit after dark to avoid unwanted injury. Topographical changes in coastal areas are common due to soil erosion, so consider illuminating these areas with flood lights or bullet lights with a wider beam spread.


GHT Group is the go-to landscape lighting designer and installer for properties in Alys Beach and along the Florida Panhandle. Whether you’re looking to improve safety, liven up your outdoor living spaces, or boost curb appeal, contact us here or chat with us below to learn how we can help!

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