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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Lighting

How an Outdoor Lighting Company Brings Out the Beauty at Night

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Lighting

Transform the nighttime ambiance of your Rosemary Beach home with the magic touch of an outdoor lighting company. With the latest advancements in lighting technology, you can now control the intensity and color of your landscape lighting, creating a captivating spectacle that enhances the beauty of your home and surroundings.

As an outdoor lighting company, we're not suggesting you turn your home into a flashy spectacle reminiscent of a Las Vegas strip. Instead, we're talking about tastefully using light and color to paint a stunning nightscape that complements the natural beauty of your Florida home. Please keep reading below to learn more about the latest outdoor lighting features. 

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Zone Control

Your outdoor lighting doesn't have to be a simple on-and-off affair. Many basic outdoor lighting plans consist of one or two circuits, but why limit yourself? Segment your lighting into multiple zones, each with its own intensity. Just as you use layered lighting indoors to enhance your space, you can create the same effect outdoors. Imagine softly illuminating a bed of vibrant summer flowers while a nearby palm tree stands majestically under brighter light. With advanced LED low-voltage outdoor lighting systems like FX Luminaire, you can incorporate multiple zones and dimming to create a rich, dramatic effect.

Add Some Color

Gone are the days when adding color meant a color filter on a fixture. Today's landscape lighting includes LED bulbs that can dynamically adjust color temperature, saturation, and brightness. Your lighting becomes an artistic tool, allowing you to match the seasons with beautiful hues or light up your yard with team colors for a game night. All this can be done conveniently from a home automation touchscreen controller or a smartphone app.

Easy Control

With multiple layers of lighting, zones, color, and intensity, managing your lighting might seem daunting. But modern systems simplify this with app control and home automation integration. Save your preferred settings as lighting scenes for different occasions or seasons. With a single button, you can turn on all your outdoor lighting just the way you want it. Astronomical timers allow you to put your lighting on autopilot, adjusting automatically as the days lengthen or shorten.

Smart Home Integration

For an even more seamless experience, integrate your outdoor lighting with a smart home system like Control4. This allows you to coordinate indoor and outdoor lighting, manage outdoor water features, enhance security, and much more. Your home automation system will make setting the perfect ambiance as simple as the touch of a button, choreographing your outdoor lighting and features for any activity or occasion. 


Work with an outdoor lighting company that can do it all, from landscape lighting to outdoor entertainment systems. Let the experts at GHT Group show you all the possibilities for your Rosemary Beach home. Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our staff. We look forward to working with you!