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Avoid These 4 Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes

Focusing on the End Goals for Your Dream Nightscape

Avoid These 4 Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes

With many home projects, a homeowner may see an ad for a specific product, which triggers hours of research into many different products and solutions for the next home improvement investment. While undeniably useful, we tell clients to avoid "rabbit holes" in product study and focus on what they would like for a result.

As one of Atlanta’s oldest and best purveyors of home theaters, GHT Group often sees home theater projects bogged down into the aspects of specific projectors, screens, and sound systems. We like to start with the space and work it from there, rather than design a theater around a particular product.

With landscape lighting design, we like to work the same way. Let's start with your vision and your landscape and work from there. Of course, we can always incorporate a specific product or brand, but it should be done with an eye to enhancing the end result. Keep reading to learn how to "see the forest for the trees" (clever, no?) in your Atlanta home's landscape design.

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Don’t Pick the System First

There are various approaches to landscape lighting systems, from low-voltage to regular current, as well as an array of lighting control systems. It’s good to understand the underlying technology and the advantages and disadvantages of each, but you should focus on the end goals and then pick the solutions. What end goals? Three critical ones might be lighting for safety and security, lighting for aesthetic appeal, and the energy-efficient characteristics of different solutions.

Focus on Light, Not Light Fixtures

There are many types of outdoor light fixtures, from tiki torches to path lights and up lights and downlights. You can achieve many different effects with different fixtures, and more than one can provide the right solution. It’s best to start with your vision. For example, does a path need to have embedded path light, or does other indirect light from the landscape do the job? You need not go overboard using every type of light; you can get the right effect by prioritizing and imagining the look you want to achieve.

Not Choosing Durable Systems

Anything outdoors in Georgia has to have weather resistance for longevity. Landscape lighting can be a significant investment, and you don't want to replace it in a few short years. Quality lighting is made of durable materials that stand the test of time and also typically employ innovative design features that enhance performance and durability. For example, Coastal Source outdoor lighting systems use a proprietary cabling system for watertight connections that last for years and solid brass construction that doesn't corrode or rust. Some lighting might look good in the short term, but you may find that they will need more frequent replacement of fixtures or lighting internals.

Not Allowing for a Realistic Budget

A quality, durable solution will require a realistic budget. Superior fixtures, cabling, and control systems are not inexpensive. Moreover, you want to work with an experienced lighting design firm (like GHT Group) that can design and install the right solution. As in any other properly executed home improvement project, you need to plan for a reasonable budget for high-quality results.                                        

GHT Group offers a full array of lighting solutions for all your indoor and outdoor spaces. From design to installation and electrical services, we are your one-stop-shop for landscape lighting in the metro Atlanta area. Please visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away. We look forward to showing you all the options.

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