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3 Movies to Flex the Sound Muscles In Your Home Theater

Got Surround Sound? Get Your Money’s Worth with these Soundtracks

3 Movies to Flex the Sound Muscles In Your Home Theater

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how video games can help you exercise the latest features of your home theater setup. It's true, some of the best video games take full advantage of 4K, HDR, and the latest immersive sound formats. And we also noted that many movies don't take full advantage of everything your up-to-date theater or media room can do.

However, we didn’t mean to imply that you’ve wasted your money on your 4K HDR Sony projector, or that McIntosh-based Dolby Atmos multi-channel surround system. Indeed, we think that an incredible soundtrack does as much to draw you into a film as fantastic cinematography and special effects. So, we set out to find the best movies to bring a knowing smile to your face that says yes, that Dolby Atmos system was the best entertainment investment ever. And if you don’t have an immersive surround sound system yet, GHT Group is your local Atlanta home theater company you can trust for the job.

Now, on to the top three movies that will put your surround sound – and maybe your ears – through a torture test.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

This is one movie that will produce decibels of sound from every speaker. This 2015 opus, the fourth installment of a series that started with the original Mad Max in 1979, is a non-stop chase scene that only lets up for a few minutes of its two-hour running length. Engines roar, bullets fly, cars explode, and epic hand-to-hand battles rage as the combatants hang on to dear life from bizarre speeding armed vehicles. It's all great fun and will envelop you in the type of 3D sound for which >Dolby invented Atmos. While the video and audio quality will be best on a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc, Vudu and Apple TV have excellent versions available for easy streaming.


Gravity was a 2013 suspenseful space drama that garnered the Best Director award for Alfonso Cuaron. His movies also feature superbly mixed sound. Indeed, Gravity won academy awards for best original music, best sound mixing, and best sound editing. Oh, and it also won awards for cinematography, film editing, and visual effects, making this film a tour de force for sight and sound. Unlike Mad Max: Fury Road, you won't be bombarded with the effects, but this soundtrack really puts the "surround" in the audio. You will feel like you're up in the loneliness of space, just like Sandra Bullock was in the film. The Atmos soundtrack is available on iTunes for streaming if you want to watch the 4K version.

Baby Driver

This 2017 thriller – with location filming right here in Atlanta – mates astonishing stunt driving with a fun, edgy, musical soundtrack that features classic rock and roll, hip hop, Barry White, and the film’s eponymous title song by Simon and Garfunkel. The driving scenes make full use of immersive 3D sound with tires screeching, engines racing, with the music fueling the title character’s masterful getaway driving. Surround sound isn’t just for action movies and special effects. In a great soundtrack, the music also sets the mood, and even more so when expertly mixed into the surround speaker channels, as is it here.

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