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What to Look for in a Home Theater Company

Breadth and Depth Counts!

What to Look for in a Home Theater Company

So, you have decided that this is the year you are splurging on a custom home theater. Not just a space with a big screen and big sound, but a home theater. A dedicated place to enjoy cinematic masterpieces, but also not above bingeing on a Netflix series, watching a big football game, or even hosting an epic video game. 

It takes some effort to plan, design, and build a home theater. If you need a sink in the garage where there is no water or drain, chances are you will hire a plumber, a professional that knows what they’re doing and will ensure the garage sink will not result in a house flood. Likewise, if you’re looking to build an elaborate home theater that will delight you and not leave your eyes seared and your ears ringing, chances are you will also hire a professional home theater company in Johns Creek, GA, to get it right. 

So how do you choose the right home theater company? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

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Experience Counts 

GHT Group has been doing anything and everything in home theater since our founding in 1989 when home theater was in our name. The late 1980s was when home theaters started becoming a consideration in homes, and we have been there since the beginning. 

While many integrators design and build home theaters, how many of them maintain a 20,000 square foot showroom? That huge showroom lets us display the best equipment from the best names in audio, video, and seating, and you can get a feel for an authentic home theater experience. For years, we have been authorized dealers for top home theater brands like Sony, Stewart, Anthem, JBL Synthesis, JL Audio, and many more, assuring you that you have a wide choice of options rather than one or two like many other companies.

We Understand Sight and Sound

As an experienced home theater company, we get the details. We understand how to match audio components to speakers for the best performance. We understand acoustic treatment and design to ensure your theater delivers the ultimate in audio performance. We also understand the pros and cons of projectors and different types of screens and how they should be employed in specific types of installations. We offer every kind of high-performance speaker you might want, including architectural speakers that rival the sound quality of the best freestanding models for your theater. And we understand how to expertly calibrate your theater for the best picture and audio quality. 

We Get the Importance of Design and Integration

As home theaters are about an experience, it goes beyond the sight and sound aspects. Seating comfort and an arrangement that works for the way you watch is critical, and we work with brands like Palliser and CinemaTech to integrate the custom seating and features you want. We will collaborate with your interior or theater designer to make your home theater fit your aesthetic vision. 

As a complete home technology integrator, we can design and integrate all the other pieces that make up a custom theater – automated control of lights and drapes or window treatments, full AV system automation, integration with heating and cooling systems, and other bespoke touches like LED color-changing lighting. 

If you are considering a home theater project in the metro Atlanta area, we’d love to show you why GHT Group should be your home theater company. Contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our home theater experts. We look forward to working with you!

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