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Upgrade Your Home Audio with these Powerhouse Marantz Receivers

From Music to Surround, Enjoy a Richer Audio Experience with Marantz

Upgrade Your Home Audio with these Powerhouse Marantz Receivers

The name Marant has always been associated with high-performance audio. And while the company has put its name on a number of audio components over the years, it’s always been known for its excellent receivers. Even today, iconic Marantz stereo receivers from the 1970s and 80s with the classic thumbwheel radio tuners are prized by lovers of vintage audio. 

Receivers are the workhorse do-it-all components in today’s home audio installations. While stereo receivers are still available, including from Marantz, multichannel receivers for home theaters are the most popular today for their sheer versatility. They form the heart of a home theater or media room system, offering every audio and video connection and audio format you need for a modern entertainment experience. GHT Group is proud to offer these hi-fi home audio components. Keep reading below to learn more about the exciting new Marantz receiver lineup!

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For Smaller Rooms

Marantz offers a full line of receivers to fit any audio budget and need. If you have a smaller room and less power-hungry speakers, Marantz has it covered. They are one of the very few audio companies to make slim-sized receivers that fit well in a standard cabinet or furniture. The NR 1510 and NR1711 are low-slung and less-deep designs excellent for a living or media room. 

You can go for 5.2 or 7.2 surround sound, or even use them purely for stereo and upgrade to surround later. Like all Marantz receivers, they feature Dolby Atmos decoding, multiple 8K compatible HDMI inputs and eARC for easy TV audio connections, Bluetooth and Airplay 2 for streaming from smart devices, and HEOS for multiroom audio with compatible speakers. Oh, did we mention that they all have phono inputs for your turntable? 

For Larger Rooms and Systems

The SR5015 and SR6015 form the midrange (no pun intended) of the Marantz line. They’ll fit easily into most setups, offering a host of features for music listening and multichannel surround sound. Both sport beefier amplifiers to power larger and harder-to-drive speakers and proven Audyssey room correction to tailor the surround sound to the acoustics of your space.

Need more amplification? It’s easy with these Marantz receivers as they have preamp outputs for all channels. That means you can add more powerful amplifiers for better sound from current speakers or upgraded ones. Another difference is Marantz’s special audio tuning. Some multi-channel receivers excel with surround sound but don’t sound as good in stereo for music. Marantz’s hand tuning and use of proprietary HDAM circuitry help these receivers deliver the warm, detailed, and dynamic sound audio enthusiasts expect from music.

Going Big

For the best immersive surround sound in larger media rooms and theaters, the SR6015 and SR7015 will fit the bill. The SR7015 will power a 9.2 channel Atmos system and the top-of-the-line SR8015 will juice up to 11 speakers. Both of these receivers also add more 3D audio formats like IMAX enhanced and Auro 3D for the most immersive sound experience from your favorite movies, gaming, and streaming shows. With support for every surround format you could want and high-resolution music, there’s nothing these receivers can’t handle. The SR7015 offers 125/watts per channel and the SR8015 offers 140 watts, so you can extract all the emotion from your music and movies with amazing clarity and impact. 

Check out the Marantz receivers line at GHT Group, metro Atlanta’s premier source for high-end home audio. To learn more, contact us here, make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chatbox below to connect with one of our audio experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!