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3 Ways to Do Surround Sound for Your Home Media Room

It’s Never Been Easier to Add Immersive Audio to Your Media Space

3 Ways to Do Surround Sound for Your Home Media Room

With the vast and ever-growing array of content available to watch in your home, a media room or home theater is a must for making the most of all that entertainment. If you have neither of them, you might be asking: what’s the difference between a home theater and a media room?

As the answer to the eternal home theater versus media room question, we’ll say it doesn’t matter what you call it. The truth is that today’s audio and video entertainment technology options blur the line between the theater and media room. We’ve covered this topic at some length in these blogs, but the main difference might be that a home media room is for varied media including movies, and the home theater is for movies and other varied media. See what we mean? It’s all about what you want and how you enjoy your entertainment. 

Audio technology has helped blur that line too. Some years ago, to get good surround sound required a stack of bulky electronics and a bunch of speakers. Today, sleek soundbars deliver excellent sound quality and surround effects for smaller (and not-so-small) media rooms. But if you want to go further, separate speakers and electronics deliver a sublime aural experience for movies and other content. In this blog, we'll cover three basic options for immersive surround sound in your Kennesaw, GA, media room.

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The Soundbar

The soundbar first became popular as the audio upgrade for the dismal sound quality of most flat-panel TVs. As flat-panels become thinner, the space for good speakers within them has become scarcer. While the early soundbars were not much of a step up from TV sound, the latest crop is remarkably good at both music and surround sound performance. A couple of high-end soundbars worthy of your media room are the Sonos Arc and the Klipsch Heritage soundbar. The Sonos Arc features up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers for sound that seems to come from all around, especially when paired with Sonos One speakers for surround. The KlipschHeritage Soundbar adds a bespoke touch to your media room, as it can be ordered to match the width of your TV along with elegant finishes in walnut, oak, and cherry. Either will provide elevated sound in small to medium media spaces where space and style are at a premium. 

Freestanding Speakers and AV Receivers

For a step up in surround sound performance and sonic impact, separate speakers powered by an AV receiver will provide a more immersive experience. Speakers from Monitor Audio or Klipsch provide affordable and stylish options for your home media room, with better bass and balanced sound, and more pronounced surround and overhead effects. Specific speakers for left, center, and right channels, surrounds, and height effects precisely direct sound for a three-dimensional aural experience. Matched subwoofers deliver deep bass for movie effects and the low end necessary for a richer music performance. Pair your speaker with quality AV receivers such as those from Anthem or McIntosh for power and flexibility in taking advantage of any audio format from excellent stereo to multichannel Dolby Atmos. 

Architectural Speakers and Full Separates

For a more customized media space, built-in speakers and separate electronics can offer the ultimate in performance and aesthetics. Add multiple sets of surround and ceiling speakers for the best surround experience without cluttering up the space. Powerful AV processors and amplifiers wring the ultimate performance from your speakers but can be hidden away, so the equipment doesn't overwhelm your room. Even subwoofers can be hidden in walls, but there's no escaping the bass they'll produce!


Regardless of your desires and budget, an exceptional audio experience is available for your home media room. To learn more, visit our Marietta showroomcontact us here, or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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