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Focal Chora Speakers: Making Hi-Fi Affordable

The Chora Home Speaker Line Brings Focal Quality to More Budgets

Focal Chora Speakers: Making Hi-Fi Affordable

Is it absolutely necessary to spend a fortune to enjoy high-fidelity audio quality at home? We think not, but many will differ in their opinions on what constitutes high-fidelity audio – and how much one needs to spend. But what happens when a real hi-fi company decides to make a truly excellent speaker that delivers hi-fi level performance without the nosebleed prices? We say audio lovers everywhere should rejoice and take notice.

Focal is that company, one that sells speakers as expensive as Porsche 911s. With the Chora range, they decided to make an affordable speaker line that delivers true hi-fi sound that leverages their 40-year history in acoustic research and innovation. Learn more about the Chora range below, and we welcome you to experience Focal home speakers for yourself at our Marietta showroom.

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Chora Engineering

Many speaker manufacturers don’t design or manufacture their own drivers, but Focal does. The Chora line’s Slatefiber cone is a result of 40 years of acoustic research and development. Many other manufacturers don’t invest in acoustic research either. Focal’s Time Alignment technology ensures a balanced sound image for the listener, and the aluminum/magnesium tweeter delivers sweeter highs with the same special Poron material surround developed for the ultra-high-end Utopia line.

Sleek, Modern Design

All Focal speakers exude a sense of style that sometimes eludes other hi-fi speakers. The Chora line is available in Black, Light Wood, and Dark Wood, and the modern design is at once up-to-the-minute with the contrasting Slatefiber woofers and classic with clean lines. Focal Chora speakers will blend with any décor and look more expensive than they are.

A Complete Line

The Chora line is designed to deliver hi-fi quality for both 2-channel and home theater applications. The line boasts two towers, and a variant of the 826 flagship tower features an integrated height speaker for Dolby Atmos surround sound. A bookshelf and center channel fill out a home theater setup, and the Chora Surround is a wall-mountable surround speaker for rear and side channels. The Sub 600P rounds out the line with a powerful 12-inch subwoofer with 600 watts of amplification for deep bass in movies and music.

Made in France

Unlike other companies that have long ago outsourced manufacturing to lower-cost countries, Focal continues to manufacture speakers like the Chora line in France. Keeping engineering and manufacturing teams together helps create a cohesive product that meets strict performance and quality metrics and maintains the aesthetic standards that Focal sets for its products.

Discover affordable hi-fi with the Focal Chora line. To learn more, contact us here, make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chatbox below to connect with one of our audio experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!