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Sony Master Series Z9G: Raising the Bar to 8K

The Most Detailed, Vivid Picture You Can Get Today

Sony Master Series Z9G: Raising the Bar to 8K

Just when you thought it was safe to replace all your TVs with 4K models, along comes the next level in resolution – 8K. The truth is, the consumer electronics industry is always moving forward. Digital technology has hastened the pace of change in electronics, with ever more bits of information elevating the quality of audio and video entertainment.

Wherever there is innovation in consumer electronics, you will find Sony. The company has pioneered too many technologies to mention, and the fact that they own major content companies in music and movies underscores their deep understanding of audio and video content, from creation to what you hear and see on your equipment.

One of Sony’s latest innovations is in 8K televisions. You might ask, what can I do with that today? 8K content may be scarce at the moment, but Sony’s technological magic with video processing makes any content look better on their 8K TVs. We just installed one in our brand-new Crestron Experience center, and it’s a revelation.

Is a Sony 8K TV right for your favorite watching room in Smyrna? Read on to see why Georgia Home Theater thinks it’s a smart investment in your visual entertainment.

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Unrivaled Processing

Processing horsepower is one of the critical aspects of display video quality. Sony's processing is unmatched; it's a reason their sets are acclaimed for superior reproduction of color, HDR processing, and motion. With the Z9G 8K, the processing is on steroids. It's like a form of machine learning and artificial intelligence; the content is analyzed at the bit level so that the picture you see is optimized for what it is, such as a dark scene, bright scene, high motion, or one with high contrasts.

Sony’s 8K X-reality Pro processing has a database which helps it analyze scenes and optimize the processing to get the best contrast, color, and brightness for each pixel on the screen. The databases have been curated by Sony's video experts to represent the information needed for the TV to reproduce the best possible picture. Any upscaling algorithm works better the more data it has. When upscaling HD and 4K content to 8K, Sony's database helps the processor build the image accurately, in real-time – making it look like native 8K resolution. The result? Everything looks better on Sony 8K TVs.

The Ultimate in LED Panel Technology

Sony has loaded the 8K TVs with their latest LED panel technologies for the best picture you can get from LCD technology. Full array backlighting control is augmented with the 8K Dynamic Range Pro technology, which manages the screens power management to deliver more brightness to areas of the screen when it's needed. Object-based HDR remastering analyzes discrete objects on the screen for contrast and color and adjusts settings in real-time for the most vibrant contrast and color reproduction. The X-Motion Clarity processing applies Sony's unparalleled expertise with motion to produce crisp pictures which never blur even at 8K resolution. The X-Wide angle technology allows for color that doesn’t wash out at extreme viewing angles, a problem that other LED sets often have.

Available in 85 and 98-inch models, the Sony Z9F Master 8K TVs are the perfect centerpiece to your media room, theater, or wherever you like to watch an incredible picture. Visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or just click the button below to connect with us right away – we look forward to wowing you with Sony’s latest 8K TVs.


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