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Design Your Home Environment with Ketra Lighting

How Tunable Lighting Creates the Perfect Illumination for Every Activity

Design Your Home Environment with Ketra Lighting

Several months ago, we introduced the concept of “human-centric lighting.” Considering lighting was invented by humans for humans, you might think the term is a bit of a misnomer.  But if you’ve worked in a large office with cold, bright, fluorescent lights, you would know that those lights were designed to get work done, but not necessarily to please humans. To be fair, fluorescent lighting is highly energy-efficient and inexpensive, which is why it is widely used in commercial environments.

At home, however, we get to control our environment. And thanks to LED lighting technology, we don’t have to use fluorescent lighting for efficiency at home. LED lighting has tremendous advantages over older incandescent and fluorescent technology, being far more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than both.

The latest LED lighting has another feature that no other lighting technology can touch – the ability to change color temperature. Ketra lighting, now part of Lutron, one of the leading companies in lighting, was a pioneer in tunable LED lighting. Read on to see how you could transform the feel of your Atlanta, GA home with Ketra tunable lighting solutions.

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Set the Ambiance

Tunable lighting lets you make the artificial light in your home mimic the intensity and color temperature of natural sunlight. Science shows us that lighting hue and brightness affect our bodies' natural patterns, called circadian rhythms. Bluer, brighter daylight tones keep us awake and provide energy during the day, while dimmer, warmer hues tell our bodies to start relaxing and ultimately prepare for sleep.

The New York Times dubbed the effect of Ketra tunable lighting like a “mood ring for your room.” But you also want to quickly be able to change the mood of your space without much effort. That’s where Lutron lighting control comes in. Lutron systems like the Homeworks QS allows for sophisticated control of all the lights in your home, via almost any method you choose – schedules, wall mounted keypads, voice commands, smartphone apps, or integrated with other comprehensive smart home solutions. 

Showcase the Beauty of Your Home

Good lighting design can show off the best features of your home in the best light (pardon the pun). Tunable Ketra lighting gives you even more options for varying that light in exciting ways. For example, the warm dimming capabilities can create a cozy ambiance for watching a movie or enjoying a nightcap before bed. During the day, match the sunlight streaming into the kitchen with task lighting that augments it naturally, making it neither too bright nor too dim.

If you've carefully chosen the stone on your kitchen counters for the way it looks in a different light, highlight it with just the right color from your fixtures. For a party, your lighting can match the accent colors in your décor and bring them forward. With tunable light, you can do it with the touch of a button –  your lighting can change according to your mood and whim. Isn't that much more human-centric?

GHT Group offers Ketra and Lutron lighting control systems as part of our comprehensive set of home technology solutions. Experience these smart solutions at our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with us. We look forward to working with you!

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