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4 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas to Make Your Home Pop

Simple Lighting Ideas to Make Your Home's Exterior Shine

4 Landscape Lighting Design Ideas to Make Your Home Pop

If you read these blog pages, you may note something we have said several times: Everything looks better in the right light. We didn’t invent that phrase, but it is our mantra when it comes to our work in lighting design and control for our clients.

Landscape lighting is one of those things that can turn a home’s exterior from forgettable to memorable when the sun goes down. It’s also one of those things that’s some parts art and some parts science. Here are some tried and true landscape lighting design ideas to spice up your Atlanta home’s exterior.

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Garden Beds

One mistake to avoid is too much lighting in planting beds. Depending on the light, use a distance of 15-20 feet to create pools of highlighted areas in the beds and not a completely illuminated area lacking in visual interest.

Highlighting Trees

If you have good trees, lighting can accentuate them beautifully at night in a way that everyone will notice. Four types of lights work well for trees: Well, bullet, flood, and downlights. Well lights are essentially in-ground fixtures that point up. You are already familiar with floodlights, and bullet lights sit above ground and are highly aimable, such as upward to highlight a tree. When using these ground lights pointing upward, you want to illuminate the trunk so the tree's crown does not look like a hovering spaceship floating over your lawn. When using downlights in trees, you'll want to space them appropriately, so the light beams do not cross. Cooler temperature downlights can look like moonlight on your landscape, giving it a very appealing look.

Special Points of Focus

You might have something unique in your landscape that deserves attention. It might be a fountain, babbling artificial water feature, bronze sculptures, or an arbor. Whatever it is, one way of focusing attention on it is to shine two or more lights on it. Flood, bullet, or wash lights can all work in this application. The multiple lights diminish shadows that might detract from the effect if only one light is used.

House Exterior

Bullet and wash lights are effective for exposing details. Use bullet lights with narrow beams to highlight the corners of your house's exterior for dramatic effect. Wash lights are essentially the opposite of bullet lights, casting a wide area of light over a short distance. These are perfect for filling in the spaces between corners and details illuminated by bullet lights.

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