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5 Important Advantages of LED Light Fixtures to Know About

From Efficiency to Longevity, LED Lighting Is Several Steps Ahead

5 Important Advantages of LED Light Fixtures to Know About

GHT Group is bullish on LED lighting, and if you have spent any time reading our blogs on the subject, you'd have a reasonably good understanding of why. They're efficient, flexible, highly controllable, and much more.

A very effective manager we once knew lived by this adage: Tell them, tell them again, and tell them that you told them. In the spirit of this messaging style, we’re going to recap here five of the most important reasons why we think LED light fixtures are a brilliant (pun intended) investment for your Atlanta, GA home. We invite you to peruse our other blogs about LED lighting for even more reasons!

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Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the most important thing most people associate with LED lighting is energy efficiency. LED lighting technology turns about 70% of the energy it uses into light and loses far less to heat than incandescent technology. That makes it up to 80% more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting from the Edison era. As you read about other advantages below, you’ll see that there is zero downside from going green with LED light fixtures.

Long Life

Because of the way LED technology converts energy to light and generates less heat, the bulbs and fixtures last longer. While incandescent lamps last around 2000 hours, and compact fluorescent ones around 8000 hours, LED lamps last 20,000 hours and up. That type of advantage is hard to ignore. You may never need to replace LED lamps in some fixtures in your house, depending on usage.

Dynamic Color

LED technology is capable of producing color. We won't get into the tech here, but you can read more about it in this blog about color and tunable lighting. With older technology, you had to buy specific color bulbs with filters and other materials to generate one color. LED tunable lighting goes dynamic with color, displaying a veritable rainbow of white light and color. Think of all the imaginative things you can do with dynamic color-changing LED lighting inside and outside your home for mood, entertaining, and much more.

Brightness and Dimming

LED technology has incredible brightness capacity. Ever notice how bright newer LED automobile headlamps are? LED fixtures can generate outstanding lumen output, and of course, they do it while remaining cool and efficient. LED technology can also be precisely controlled and dimmed, making for the right amount of light for any activity.

Directional Lighting

Because of how LED technology works, the lamps emit light in a directional fashion rather than all around. That can make them energy efficient and has led to innovative designs not possible with other lighting technology. The directional capabilities make LED lighting ideal for recessed lighting, task lights, creative chandeliers, pendants, and other designs.

Want to learn more about all the advantages of upgrading to LED lighting fixtures? GHT Group is your one-stop-shop for home lighting in the metro Atlanta area, from design to installation and electrical services. To get started, contact us here, make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chat box below to connect with one of our lighting experts quickly. We look forward to working with you! 

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