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Exploring the Ketra Lighting Difference, Part Two

How Ketra Lighting Makes Color Come Alive

Exploring the Ketra Lighting Difference, Part Two

Tunable lighting is one of the newest and best features of lighting control. By varying color and intensity at your will, tunable lighting helps set a mood, energize us, and relax us in subtle yet significant ways. Lutron's Ketra lighting is the best tunable lighting system on the market, in large part due to relentless innovation and refinement. 

We last wrote about the Ketra difference in warm dimming, a key feature of tunable lighting that creates the kind of lighting ambiance in your home that you tend to see in the best photography. But there’s more to Ketra. Just like a great photographer, Ketra lighting unlocks the vibrancy of colors in your Brookhaven, GA home. Read on to understand more of why Ketra’s tunable lighting is a cut above the rest.

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Unlocking Color

Ketra coins the term Vibrancy as a new level of control for white light. Ketra is the only manufacturer to tune white light at a specific color correlated temperature (CCT). It's a singular ability to tune the white lights – not the color in it – to reflect off of an object in unique ways. Ketra's lighting is used in many museums for its ability to bring out color and detail in ways other lighting solutions simply can't.

How it Works

The way we perceive color has to do with the way light reflects off of objects and surfaces. Some light is absorbed by what we see, and the reflection of white light is perceived as color. As Ketra lighting varies the Vibrancy control, it can change how those reflections are perceived. The results are powerful, making colors pop, showing new detail, and enhancing contrasts. Objects appear more three dimensional and more… vibrant.

The Science

White light can combine colors, including red, green, and blue (RGB), the primary colors of the spectrum. Ketra produces tunable white light by mixing RGB LEDs, but it adds a unique wrinkle of control. White light can be composed of many distributions of color called spectral power distribution (SPD) in lighting science. Ketra's control of SPD is the special power behind Vibrancy.

Make Everything Look Better

Ketra is more than lighting. Think of it as an element in your interior design. Vibrancy allows you to personalize your home in new ways. You can control the way light reflects off your finishes, furnishings, artwork, and objects to create the feeling, mood, and impression that you want every day.

GHT Group offers Ketra and Lutron lighting control systems as part of our comprehensive set of home technology solutions. Experience these smart solutions at our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with us. We look forward to working with you!

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