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How Do Today’s More Casual Lifestyles Impact Home Theater Design?

Exploring Some Different Takes on the Home Theater

How Do Today’s More Casual Lifestyles Impact Home Theater Design?

What do you think of when you hear the term “home theater?” Is it a windowless, darkened room with individual reclining chairs, a giant screen, and movie-themed decor? Or do you think of a room with a great audio and video system where you enjoy your entertainment? 

Many homes have media rooms as opposed to home theaters. The primary difference is that these spaces tend to be great places to enjoy media entertainment, but also serve other purposes. In truth, the line between media rooms and home cinemas is more blurred than ever. Why is that, and how might it impact the home theater design in your Santa Rosa Beach, FL, home? Keep reading!

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More Casual Home Designs

Life, in general, has gotten less formal. Think about clothing, restaurants, workplaces, and so much more. Home design and layout are no exception. For example, how many homes have formal living rooms now? For that matter, many homes are dispensing with traditional dining rooms, preferring instead to integrate dining into the kitchen space. In the same way, media capability is integrated into other areas that pull double duty. That doesn't mean that custom, dedicated home theaters are passé, but it does mean that many homeowners have a more expansive view of the concept of a home theater. 

What does that mean? A homeowner might think of a home theater as a family room with a screen and projector that drops down from the ceiling on cue from a home automation controller, with architectural surround sound speakers—including subwoofers—neatly ensconced in walls and ceilings. The room can return to being a family room at the touch of a button.

More Advanced Audio and Video Equipment

Another aspect impacting home theater design is the equipment. One example is the projector itself. High-quality projectors were quite large and bulky in the original home theaters of the 1990s; you simply needed a larger space for one. Today’s projectors, like Sony’s laser-based ES line, are remarkably compact but can still support a gigantic 300-inch screen. And the latest ultra-short-throw projectors are relatively simple to integrate into many spaces and can display a 120-inch screen or more. 

How about TV displays? There's no comparison between the size and quality of screens available today and in the past. To be clear, a TV display—whether modern or vintage—is not the traditional choice for a proper home theater, but many people choose them for convenience in less conventional theaters. Today, Sony’s top-of-the-line 100-inch TV might be perfect for a smaller home theater/media/entertainment room. 

On the audio side, while architectural speakers were popular for home theaters in the 1990s, today’s choices and quality far outstrip what was available in the past. Digital convergence has also simplified the sheer amount and size of the components necessary to put together a high-quality AV system. 


What does all this mean? Integrating an excellent media or home cinema experience into a space is easier than ever. You can call it anything you want; we'll be happy to build it for you! GHT Group is your local home theater expert right here in Santa Rosa Beach. Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!