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Need a 4K Projector in Your Home Theater?

It’s a Sony! And Here’s Why You Want It

Need a 4K Projector in Your Home Theater?

As one of the world’s most recognizable consumer brands, Sony has a long and rich history of innovation. That innovation extended not only to the products but to the marketing campaigns themselves. In the 1980s, the company's catchphrase "It's a Sony" was the companion to their new logo and became a defining feature in their advertising. In that era, a Sony TV was cut above everything else on the market, and everybody wanted one. 

Sony has many more competitors now, and consumer audio and video equipment is a hotly contested market. However, Sony still manages to lead, innovate, and push the envelope in consumer and professional products. That leadership is still evident in the current Sony 4K projector line, making "It's a Sony" relevant today. Keep reading below to learn about three reasons Sony is still an outstanding choice for 4K projectors.

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Video Processing

Sony's deep experience in film, from content creation to distribution, is a vertical model no other consumer electronics company can match. They understand image processing in a way few other companies do, from the equipment that captures it to the equipment that displays it. As such, they are known for their image processing prowess, and the Sony Ultimate X1 projector processor is at the top of its class. With advanced intelligence that analyzes the content in scenes, it optimizes color, contrast, and brightness for incredibly vivid images on large home cinema screens. 

Native 4K SXRD

Sony uses native 4K SXRD panels to develop sharp images. Short for Silicon X-tal Reflective Display, this mature technology is also a cut above others. The red, green, and blue panels have pixels close together to produce a smooth image with excellent color saturation and inky, deep blacks, which is so important for bringing out the detail in dark scenes. The SXRD panels pair well with their new laser light engines for superb brightness, rich colors, and amazing contrast that make images almost pop off the screen. 

Laser Light Engines

Laser light engines offer tremendous advantages over older light sources. They have remarkable brightness and can last up to 20,000 hours, far outpacing older lamps, so you can enjoy your projector more with less maintenance. Sony introduced its first laser light source in 2013 and steadily improved it, bringing laser technology to less costly models. Projectors like the VPL-XQ 7000ES sport 3200 lumens of brightness, enough for clear, colorful picture quality even in well-lit spaces. 


While we mentioned three reasons to buy a Sony 4K projector, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Sony's design and build quality. Their high-end projectors are remarkably compact and excellent examples of superior industrial design, like so many Sony products over the years. Are you ready to upgrade to the stunning visuals of Sony 4K projectors? We invite you to visit our 20,000-square-foot Marietta showroom, reach out to us here, or click the chat below to connect with us. We would love to help you!

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