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Max Out Your Home Theater with IMAX Sony 4K Projectors

Sony Brings All the Excitement of the Cinema Home

Max Out Your Home Theater with IMAX Sony 4K Projectors

If you've ever gone to an IMAX theater, you know it's immersive. Whether it is the huge screen you seemingly sit in or the powerful audio soundtrack, it's an experience you don't soon forget.

Want to bring that same audio-video quality home? You can start with Sony 4K projectors. Sony’s IMAX-enhanced projectors bring a new dimension of dynamics to the visuals in your Buckhead, GA, home theater. Keep reading to learn more about IMAX Enhanced and what it can do for your home cinema experience.

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What is IMAX-Enhanced?

IMAX Enhanced is a performance certification standard created by IMAX and DTS, the audio company behind the DTS:X surround sound format similar to Dolby Atmos. The performance standards ensure that the components that pass them are capable of delivering a high-level entertainment experience from IMAX movies. IMAX's 1:90:1 Expanded Aspect Ratio offers 26% more picture in select scenes, showing more of the epic action sequences created by filmmakers. Sony's IMAX Enhanced certification allows you to take full advantage of your large screen for IMAX remastered content.

Sony Projectors

Sony 4K projectors like the VPL-X7000ES pack all the performance you need for full immersion in IMAX content. The laser light engine offers amazing brightness, while the HDR capability and Sony’s vaunted image processing technology create eye-popping pictures that feel almost three-dimensional. Unlike the hugely tall screens of an IMAX theater and bulky projection equipment, Sony brings this level of realism and dynamics home in a remarkably compact projector.

What Can You Watch?

IMAX capability is great, but you have to have content that takes advantage of the technology. That’s part of the fun, as IMAX Enhanced content is available with the convenience of streaming on services like Disney+.  For example, popular titles like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War are streaming on Disney+ right now. But there’s lots more, as a wide array of IMAX-Enhanced  UHD Blu-ray titles are also available to enjoy on your Blu-ray player.

Putting Together an IMAX Enhance Theater

The enhanced IMAX visuals are also accompanied by an augmented soundtrack that completes the immersive cinematic experience. Along with the Sony projector, you can upgrade to a Marantz receiver with IMAX Enhances certification for incredible sound to match the epic picture. GHT Group can design your dream theater with all the right components for unforgettable entertainment experiences.


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