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Create an Outdoor Oasis with Motorized Outdoor Shades

Beat the Heat and Enjoy More Time Al Fresco

Create an Outdoor Oasis with Motorized Outdoor Shades

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to get outdoors. While Georgia’s weather is mild in the spring, the Kennesaw area will soon experience the southern summer’s warmer, more humid season. And with spring and summer comes rain, and oh, the bugs. Does that sometimes keep you from enjoying your patio?

You can control the environment outside, too (within limits, of course). Did you know that motorized outdoor shades can let you enjoy your patios even more? Today’s solutions are more integrated and sleeker than ever. Keep reading below to see how outdoor shading helps you make the most of your outside areas.

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Enclose the Patio

Spring weather can be inconsistent. You may have sun streaming into your patio early in the afternoon, and then an afternoon rain sweeps in with some hefty wind. With outdoor shades, you don’t need to miss a beat outside. For example, outdoor shades from our brand partner TerraVue are available in various sizes up to 23 feet wide and 12 feet tall! To integrate discreetly into your space when rolled up, the cassettes only take up 5 or 6 inches. If your outdoor Sunday brunch starts getting windy – or a bit buggy – a touch of a button can lower your shades for a calmer atmosphere. The shades have wind resistance up to 40 MPH, so you have some wiggle room before the brunch needs to move inside. If the sun is streaming in on one side, just lower one shade for additional comfort.

Match the Environment

Henry Ford’s Model T was famously available in any color one wanted, as long as it was black. Your outdoor shades suffer no such deficiencies. Various neutral contemporary colors are available to blend with any patio style and décor – including black. Just as importantly, fabric selections include different levels of light filtering to suit your sun exposure, from 5% to 25% openness. The cassette and bar hardware are also available in colors to match or contrast the fabric as desired.

Enjoy the Entertainment

GHT Group is big on outdoor entertainment, from outdoor audio to TV to home theater. Outdoor shades are the ideal complement to an outdoor AV system. Enjoy a cool night outdoors watching a favorite show or a March Madness game with your shades down to cut the wind and enjoy the warmth of your outdoor fireplace or patio heater. On sunny days, your shades can lower halfway or as needed to filter the sunlight for comfortable daytime viewing of a Braves summer game or to do a little outdoor yoga.

Automate Them

Motorized shades are ultra-convenient because they can be integrated with home automation. TerraVue shades have built-in sensors which can trigger automated lowering to filter sunlight. They can also be scheduled to raise and lower to whatever levels you wish based on the time of day and the season. For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, you can incorporate them with a smart home system like Control4, and you can make them part of your outdoor lighting, AV, and even your security setup. Imagine pressing a button and your outdoor patio is ready for the outdoor brunch with shades, lights, and music or an evening of enjoying an outdoor summer movie night.


Add the finishing touch to your outdoor spaces with motorized shading. GHT Group is your home technology expert that can walk you through all the options. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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