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Product Overview: JL Audio Architectural Subwoofers

The Best of Both Worlds—Sleek Home Theater Installation and Great Bass

Product Overview: JL Audio Architectural Subwoofers

Subwoofers are a necessity for a proper home theater. Movie soundtracks are full of deep bass rumble from crashes, explosions, and ominous musical passages in soundtracks. With surround sound, many installations don't use full-range speakers for those positions, and the subwoofer provides the low-end punch for the soundtrack. 


There’s no true problem with subwoofers besides the fact they are almost universally large, bulky boxes. Since we often recommend dual subwoofers for the best bass response in a home theater or media room, that makes for two large, bulky boxes. Some theaters and media rooms can't comfortably accommodate the large subwoofer box into the décor, however, no one wants a theater without the bass to handle today's immersive movie soundtracks.


The solution to this dilemma has been the architectural subwoofer. While built-in subwoofers have been around for years, there have seen recent technical improvements in driver design, amplification, and room correction that rival the performance of their bulkier, freestanding brethren.


That brings us to this month’s product overview: the JL Audio Fathom IWS subwoofer line. This subwoofer series is specifically designed to deliver the type of performance JL Audio is known for, while easily fitting into standard wall construction.


Read on to learn how JL Audio architectural subwoofers can provide the bass without the box in your Sandy Springs home theater installation.

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Compact Design

JL Audio is known for its powerful Fathom and Gotham series freestanding subwoofers. The same engineers brought that technology to bear on their architectural designs. The Fathom in-walls come in two versions and sizes. The IWS 8-inch series comes in single and dual woofer versions and can fit in standard 16-inch on-center stud openings. The design features small grilles for blending into walls and rigid construction to minimize extraneous wall vibrations. The long-excursion woofer is well controlled within the confines of its thin wall displacement. 

For even higher performance, the 13.5-inch IWSv2 series brings even more low-end muscle. They are designed to fit within most 2” x 4” and 2” x 6” framing construction. The IWSv2 can deliver low-end response down to 25 Hz, so you will feel the rumble in the earthquake scene or the low notes from a pipe organ. 

Topping each of the models is a paintable fine steel mesh grille that is paintable to match the wall finish. In the smaller 8-inch Fathom, the grilles can easily fit into varying thicknesses of drywall to achieve a nearly invisible effect.  


Powerful, Smart Amplification

Each of the JL Audio architectural models comes with a separate DSP controlled amplifier. The 8-inch model delivers up to 600 watts of efficient Class D power, and the 13.5-inch version delivers up to 2000 watts. The 18-band D.A.R.O. (Digital Automatic Room Correction) ensures even, smooth bass response even in the most challenging spaces. Along with a full set of connectivity inputs that include line and speaker level connections, the extensive crossover control and menu-driven LCD display all ensure these subwoofers expertly blend into any audio system. The amplifiers are rack-mounted and fit discreetly with the rest of your home theater equipment


Ceilings, Too

If wall mounting is problematic in your home theater, JL Audio offers in-ceiling models, too. These make an excellent solution for bass response in large rooms for whole-home audio applications. In-ceiling models feature a low profile single 8-inch driver, designed to fit within 2” x 6” or larger ceiling joists. If you like your bass to be heard from a virtually unseen source, these ceiling subwoofers fit the bill and impress with their performance.


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