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Looking for A Media Room that Doesn’t Look Like One?

If You Need Hidden A/V in your Media Room, We’re Here to Help

Looking for A Media Room that Doesn’t Look Like One?

Since our name is Georgia Home Theater, you might surmise that we build a lot of home theaters – and we do. But not everyone’s idea of a home theater is recliner seating, a projector, and huge speakers. The reality for many people is that the media space is a part of a living, family, or game room. And while they want high-quality audio and video entertainment, they also don’t want the space to be overwhelmed by the equipment and the technology.

The good news is that you can have your cake and eat it too, at least when it comes to media room design for your Roswell or Metro Atlanta, Georgia home. Companies in the audio and video electronics industry have understood that design and décor are important, and that technology needs to fit in with the aesthetic. You can equip your room with excellent audio and video, and you can also maintain the style that you want.

Keep reading below to check out three equipment ideas for media room designs that deliver the performance but don’t upset the décor.

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Horizon Soundbars by Leon Speakers

Soundbars have become wildly popular in the past several years, in part because design-conscious homeowners want an audio solution that doesn't call attention to itself. While in years past soundbars struggle to match the sound quality of a component audio system, that gap has narrowed considerably recently.

One company that pioneered soundbars and also understands how to balance design with performance is Leon. The company bills itself as bringing together "art, audio, and design," and employs a talented team that crafts custom speakers right here in the United States. Leon products feature hand craftsmanship, natural materials, and top-quality internal parts to meld exceptional performance with beautiful aesthetics.

Leon' Horizon soundbars are not built to size; they are made to fit your display size exactly. So if you want an 86-inch Samsung screen in your media room, the soundbar will match the display width exactly. Further, the finishes can match the TV or your color scheme for a bespoke look. What about sound quality? The company designs its own drivers too, not settling for off the shelf parts. Horizon soundbars will sound as good as they look.

Hidden TV Screens

If you hate the idea of a sizeable black TV screen on your wall when it's not in use, then we have some options for you. Two options also come courtesy of Leon’s Media Décor division. The first is the Moving Art Screen, which elegantly hides a flat panel display behind custom artwork. You can choose from Leon's extensive selection of beautiful prints made with archival inks that are matched by their designers to your décor, or pick your own. The frames can cover screens up to 120 inches in size and can be easily integrated with leading home automation systems like Control4 and Crestron.

The Eclipse Art Lift is another way to hide the screen when not in use. Imagine your statement framed art over your modern fireplace that rises at the push of a button to reveal the super-thin OLED flush-mounted TV underneath. Better yet, they work in all directions – some models move the artwork horizontally and also open up like a dual set of sliding doors. With the Eclipse and hidden speakers, your media room reveals itself only when you’re ready.

Another innovative option is the screen that hides in plain sight. Samsung's unique “The Frame” TV looks just like a picture frame with beautiful, changeable art when it's not acting like a TV. Samsung's super-bright and high-contrast QLED technology ensures superb picture quality both as an art display and, of course, as a TV for all your entertainment. The Frame TV is available in white, black, beige, and brown color frames to help it blend with your décor, and you can even subscribe to the Samsung Art Store to get a never-ending supply of stunning art on your TV. You may never get bored with your décor again.


Georgia Home Theater can create the perfect media room design that suits the style of your Roswell or Metro Atlanta home.

Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, visit our showrooms, or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away; we look forward to serving you.

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