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Sony is A Favorite for Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Let Us Show You the Best Features of Sony Projectors

Sony is A Favorite for Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Sony is a pioneer in consumer electronics, with a long list of inventions and technology firsts. While they have more competition today than ever from Korean and Chinese electronics giants, the company is still out in front, continuing to invest in research and development to make something more than me-too products. Sony's founder, Akio Morita, once said, "curiosity is the key to creativity;" the company is still driven by the curiosity to invent new things today.

As with all of their products, Sony brings their creativity, innovation, and design expertise to projectors. Sony launched the first 4K home projector in 2011 when 4K TVs were still nascent. Today the Sony 4K projector line is bigger and better than ever.

When it comes to projectors for your Dunwoody home theater or media room, GHT Group recommends Sony.  Read on to learn more about the special features of Sony projectors that make them the right choice for you.

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Lens Shift

Sony's Lens Shift feature provides great flexibility in the projector set up and accommodates multiple viewing modes. For example, in the sweet spot in the middle of the projector lineup, is the Sony VPL-VW695ES. Sony’s fully motorized lens offers a 2.06x zoom, a 1.36:1 - 2.79:1 throw ratio, and 85 percent vertical and 31 percent horizontal lens shift. All of that translates to easy adjustment of the projector for TV and cable viewing, movies without the annoying black bars, and other formats with a minimum of fuss.

Picture Position

Picture Position is an especially useful feature for viewing different types of content. It allows the projector to remember different aspect ratio settings for content like movies, which can vary from 1.78 to 2:35:1. The memories are easily recalled, and will adjust the focus, zoom, and shift to make the content look just the way the director intended on your screen. With a home automation system controlling your home theater, we can program that as an automatically selected option when you choose a movie to watch from a given source, like an iTunes 4K movie stream.

Reality Creation

Various Sony models, including the VPL-VW695ES, have Reality Creation, which is Sony’s superb upscaling capability. Reality Creation allows for DVD and Blu-ray movies (as well as other content) to be expertly scaled up to 4K resolution. Sony’s upscaling algorithms have been refined for almost a decade, and they do a very realistic job of making lower resolution content approximate the quality of native 4K.  If you’ve seen upscaled content that doesn't look natural, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results from Sony projectors.

SXRD, TRILUMINOS, and Motionflow Technology

Sony’s proprietary SXRD and TRILUMINOS LCD technologies offer excellent clarity and color reproduction. Among projectors, Sony offers some of the best three-dimensional high resolution, high contrast pictures you will see. Sony is also known for superior video processing for motion (Motionflow), which ensures your sports watching on the big screen is smooth, clear, and artifact-free.

We currently have four home theater setups in our Marietta showroom so you can experience the latest in home cinema technology - including Sony projectors - before you buy. Reach out to us at (770) 955-8909, fill out our online contact form, or chat with us on the bottom right to get started on your very own home theater.

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