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3 Advantages of Whole-Home Lighting Control Systems over Traditional Bulbs

Embrace the Future of Home Lighting with a Smarter Lighting Solution

3 Advantages of Whole-Home Lighting Control Systems over Traditional Bulbs

You probably have a smartphone, a smart TV, and maybe even a smart security system in your home. But did you know your lights can be smart too? Some homeowners don’t realize they can enjoy comprehensive control of all the lights in their homes - not simply a bulb or two. 

A whole-home lighting control system is a smart technology that allows you to customize and control your lights in ways that are impossible with traditional lights. If you’re unsure if switching to a smart lighting solution is worth it, check out these three advantages that smart lights can bring to your Freeport, FL, home.

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1. Customizable Lights

With many traditional lights, you’re usually stuck with light switches that only allow you to turn them on or off. Even if you have dimmers in some rooms, they won’t let you take advantage of your bulb’s full capacity. 

Introducing a tunable LED lighting system! Now, you’ll be able to adjust your lights in all ways possible, from bright whites to a dim glow to any color of the rainbow. As a result, you’ll create color lighting combinations in your home for every room and any occasion. Plus, if there’s a certain hue or level of luminosity you prefer and use regularly, save it as a scene to recall later.

2. Lighting Automation

To turn traditional lights on and off, you have to do it the traditional way: go around your home and flip numerous switches. But what if your lights could anticipate when you want them on and off? When you have a smart lighting system, set your lights on timers and automate them to turn on throughout the day, such as when you wake up or return from work.

This convenient feature makes daily life easier, but it also adds security to your home when you’re away on vacation or work trips. Burglars target homes that look empty, so having your lights turn on and off automatically makes it appear that someone is home, even when the house is empty.

3. Easy and Remote Control

A smart lighting system comes with sleek wall panels and touch controls that add style to your walls - not wall acne (a row of switches). But in addition, you can also manage your home’s lighting from an app. Many lighting systems, like Lutron, have their own apps for controlling your lights. Or you can integrate your smart lights into your home automation system to control them alongside your other smart devices. By managing your lights via an app, you’ll be able to control them remotely - from any room in your house or even another part of the world. 

Are you ready to make the switch from traditional lights and embrace the future of home lighting? Contact GHT Group today! Our team of dedicated professionals will help you install and integrate a whole home lighting control system into your Freeport, FL, home.