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3 Ways to Use Whole Home Lighting Control This Summer

Lighting Control Systems Make Your Home Safer and More Comfortable

3 Ways to Use Whole Home Lighting Control This Summer

Some say it’s always summer in the Florida Panhandle, and it might be tough to argue with that. Nevertheless, there is a summer season. With it comes deliciously warm Gulf water at the beach, long days, and lots of sun and heat. Like millions of Americans, chances are you might do a little summer travel too, which could take you away from your Destin home. 

What does summer have to do with lighting? If you have a whole-home lighting control system, you can make summer more comfortable, efficient, and safer at your home. Let’s talk about three ways you can do that below! 

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The Florida sun and humidity are fiercest in summer. The sun’s rays build up heat quickly in your home, and your air conditioning works harder to maintain comfort. Lighting control helps in two ways. Lighting generates heat, which adds to the A/C load. However, lighting control can automate specific lights to turn off based on set schedules, sensors that detect if someone is in the room, or the presence of plenty of ambient light. That way, you only use your lights when needed and can use task lights during the day as necessary. 


One of the by-products of using lighting control is efficiency. Less heat from lighting makes your A/C work less, resulting in greater efficiency in your energy costs. And there’s another trick up lighting control’s sleeve. Add motorized shades with your lighting control system, and you’ll manage natural light to minimize heat gain, striking an ideal balance of natural and artificial illumination throughout the day. And the best part is the automation – use schedules, pre-programmed settings that require one button, or sensors to set lighting and shading to your preferences. Lighting and smart home control systems also integrate smart thermostats into the mix for a triumvirate of intelligent control. 


Want to make your home look lived-in for that summer trip? Lighting is an excellent way to do it. But you don't want to leave many lights on night and day; that's an obvious tipoff that no one is home. Intelligent lighting control can be set to turn on and off lights in different patterns to give the illusion of occupancy. All you have to do is push a button that turns on the “away” setting in your home. It works with outside lighting, too, so your Destin property looks the same as everyone else’s on the street, neither all dark nor lit up like a holiday tree calling attention to itself. 


Whole-home lighting control systems have many other benefits too! Want to know more? Contact our Santa Rosa Beach office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!