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5 Things You Can Do with Lutron Homeworks Whole Home Lighting Control

Lutron’s Most Advanced Lighting Control System Knows Few Limits

5 Things You Can Do with Lutron Homeworks Whole Home Lighting Control

What is a whole-home lighting control system? Simply put, it’s lighting control for your entire house in Cumming, GA. We’re not being facetious with the explanation. You don't have to add lighting control everywhere to enjoy the benefits. Some smaller systems can do one room or several rooms. There are DIY products where you can make a few bulbs and switches smart but leave the rest of the lights alone. But a whole-home lighting control system gives you so many more options for control, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and automation with other smart features.

Lutron’s Homeworks is like the Cadillac (or Mercedes or whatever your preference) of lighting control systems. It’s the system that can pretty much do it all when it comes to managing lighting. What do we mean by doing it all? Space here doesn't allow us to do it complete justice, but we'll tell you about five of the best features in this blog. Please stay with us below!

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Big Properties

Lutron Homeworks can scale to the needs of the largest homes. Homes can mean a compound, in this case, with multiple structures where the lighting can all be managed. With the ability to control up to 10,000 devices, it's hard to imagine a property Homeworks can’t handle.

So Many Controls

Lutron makes a wide variety of customizable wall controls for lighting that makes the lowly light switch seem like last century's technology because…it is. Lutron keypads and dimmers include the Sunnatta, seeTouch, Signature, Maestro, Grafik, Alisse, and Palladiom lines with an incredible and rich variety of finishes, button configurations, LED backlighting, and engraving options. You would be hard-pressed not to find the right ones that fit your home's functional and aesthetic needs for lighting control. It doesn't stop with wall-mounted keypads. Lutron appliance modules and lamp dimmers let you integrate regular lights into a whole-home system.

Shading and Temperature Control

A Homeworks system can manage not just your lighting but powered window treatments too. Working together, Lutron can help you harness natural and artificial light in just the right balance throughout the day. The Homeworks system can work with Lutron shading solutions, and Lutron also has smart thermostats that can join in to optimize comfort and efficiency in your home.

Wired and Wireless

The Homeworks system has the flexibility to work with wired and wireless components. You can go wired for ultra-reliable performance where construction or distance factors might interfere with wireless signals. You can also use highly reliable Lutron wireless solutions like keypads and motorized shading. With Homeworks, you have the flexibility to add whole-home lighting control everywhere with few if any limits.

Tunable Lighting

Lutron’s Ketra is a sophisticated tunable lighting solution that can dynamically alter white light temperature, dim to candlelight levels, and display a rainbow of colors. Homeworks QS adds the smart control to manage this lighting and make it do wonderful things. Manage white light for comfort, focus, and mood throughout the day, creating a healthier environment. Make a design statement with color that shows off the beauty and décor of your home. And Homeworks lets you integrate all this intelligent lighting with other smart features in your home.

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