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Reinvigorate Your Interior Lighting Design with Ketra

Add Natural Color and Warmth for Healthier, More Pleasing Light

Reinvigorate Your Interior Lighting Design with Ketra

Thanks to LED technology, lighting has undergone a significant transformation in the past ten years. Incandescent lighting was fixed and inflexible, and the compact fluorescent technology that followed, while more energy efficient, was also limiting in various ways. LED technology has ushered in a new era in lighting with tremendous benefits. 

By now, you might know the basic benefits of LED technology. It's incredibly efficient, long-lasting, and can be molded into different lighting bulbs and fixtures not feasible with incandescent and fluorescent technology. But there's more. LED technology makes lighting dynamic, capable of varying the color of white light and displaying a rainbow of color. When you couple these capabilities with smart lighting control, you get a whole new way of illuminating your home. That’s what Lutron’s Ketra is all about. Available only from professional interior lighting design companies like GHT Group, Ketra dynamic lighting is a gamechanger in residential lighting. Keep reading below to learn more!

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More Natural Light

You may intuitively understand it but not think about it; light has significant effects on our bodies. The sun's bright light provides energy during the day, while dimmer, warmer light tends to relax and signal our bodies to wind down. This is known as the Circadian rhythm, and you might feel more energized on a bright sunny day than on a cloudy and dreary one. Ketra tunable lighting can bring those effects to your indoor light. Tunable lighting lets you control the white color temperature of light, so you can go brighter and bluer to power through the day while turning lights gradually warmer as the day wanes to relax and prepare the body for a night’s rest. 

The beauty of this natural light is that it's managed for you with a Lutron lighting control system. Your lighting varies almost imperceptibly, just like it gradually changes outdoors. Tunable lighting is closer to nature, helping you lead a healthier day. 

Add Aesthetic Appeal 

Add beauty to your indoor spaces with the power of light. White light can affect how colors appear to the eye. In museums, Ketra tunable light is used to display art and bring out its fine detail and color. White light with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) accurately depicts colors and brings out the best in your furnishings and décor. You might look at your spaces in a whole new way. 

Ketra’s other magic is its ability to make light colorful, letting you be creative in using it. Add vivid colors to energize your workouts in the home gym. Host a game watch party with the team colors as accents. Or simply relax to lighting that dims to the warm glow of candlelight that ordinary lighting can’t match. 

Making It Effortless

Lighting control customizes your lighting throughout the day for your lifestyle. Automate your tunable lighting to get you going in the morning, keep you focused throughout the day, and relax you at night. You can change your lighting easily via programmable wall keypads or an app on your smartphone to create the ideal lighting scene in any part of your house. Tunable lighting is like a palette of light ready for your creative guidance, letting you fully customize your illumination to your activity or mood. 

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