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Transform Your Wellbeing by Filling Your Home With Music

Whole-Home Audio Gives You Access to Music’s Restorative Powers in Any Room

Transform Your Wellbeing by Filling Your Home With Music

When you’re feeling down, what’s the one song that gets you feeling better? Even though the songs we turn to may differ—maybe it’s a high-energy punk anthem or nostalgic classic rock ballad—the power of music in enhancing our mood is undeniable. That's not the only way music can positively influence your lifestyle.

Below, we highlight three ways listening to music can improve your overall wellbeing. Throughout the blog, we'll also showcase ways to use the whole-home audio system in your Atlanta, GA home to embrace the power of music in every room.

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Revamp Your Mood

Psychologists often employ music therapy with clients. It's a proven way to reduce anxiety and depression. Not only can music provide the dopamine boost we outlined before through positive associations, but it's an excellent way to reduce stress. Overstimulation is a big issue for both children and adults. Hearing low-tempo songs or repetitive rhythms will help regulate those emotions more efficiently.

There are various ways a whole-home audio solution will let you really dip into these benefits. Transform a media room or dedicated theater into a meditation space by playing a relaxing playlist to decompress when you become overwhelmed. Quickly pull up your go-to mood-boosting song with Control4 OS 3, which lets you personalize your interface for one-touch access to your "Cheer Up" scene.

Improve Your Memory

A few studies have shown music has a positive effect on memory. Not only did researchers find people could better recall words after reading them when listening to music, but music is even used as a form of therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. Hearing the right song will help those with mild or moderate dementia bring up particular memories.

If you have a dedicated homework area for the kids, music helps get them to focus and better absorb their studies. Intuitive smart home controls allow elderly or cognitively impaired family members to pull up songs either as part of treatment or to calm them down when feeling overwhelmed.

Fuel Your Workout

Ever have to deal with your wireless buds dying in the middle of a workout? Did you feel your momentum immediately tank? Studies show music improves your mood and distracts you from exertion, leading to more prolonged activities on average. Some clinical studies even show that music serves as a natural metronome for your body, helping you reach peak performance using less oxygen.

Incorporate whole-home audio in your go-to fitness areas, whether it's a dedicated gym, the yard or a family room you use for morning yoga. Adjust volume or change tracks via voice command, so you don't have to interrupt your workout to make changes. If you have trouble with motivation, schedule your playlists to start automatically at your usual workout times for an added push.


Want to bring the magic of music to every corner of your home? Our AV experts will design a whole-home audio solution that lets you enjoy your favorite albums or playlists anywhere, all while preserving your home’s beautiful décor. Set up a one-on-one meeting with our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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