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Spotlight on Focal’s Latest Home Speaker: The Vestia

An Affordable Entree Into High-Fidelity Sound

Spotlight on Focal’s Latest Home Speaker: The Vestia

Are you looking for high-performance audio speakers at an affordable price point? Oh, and you want them to look good in your room too? You’re in luck with the latest Focal home speaker – the new Vestia line. We're excited about Vestia because it brings Focal audio innovations and performance to a versatile speaker line that feels equally at home with two-channel audio and home theater. 

Is the new Vestia line the right choice for your Atlanta, GA, home? Keep reading to learn more!

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Made In France

Like all of Focal's higher-end lines, the Vestia is handcrafted in France. Focal has its own cabinet-making facility that shows off its heritage of French design and craftsmanship. The name, inspired by Vestia and Hestia, the ancient goddesses of hearth and home, the design is sleek, understated, and refined. The front panels of the speakers have a black or white leather effect, and black high gloss, dark wood, and light wood cabinet finishes create a striking look that sets it apart from other speakers in this price range. 

Focal Technology

Like all Focal products, the Vestia line benefits greatly from the company’s investment in acoustic research and innovative technologies. The Slatefiber cone material,  a result of four years of development, debuted in 2019. It provides deep bass and natural midrange performance with a unique slate effect look – a nod to Focal’s devotion to both form and function. Made with recycled non-woven carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymer, the material offers the rigidity, damping, and lightness required for high-performance speaker drivers. The TAM tweeter, another Focal innovation, offers extremely fine and precise treble for non-fatiguing, detailed listening. 

A Full Speaker Line

The Vestia line offers a complete set of loudspeakers for a listening room, media room, or basic home theater. Three tower loudspeakers anchor the line, with the top-range No. 4 offering outstanding performance from dual 8-inch Slatefiber woofers, a 6-inch midrange, and the TAM tweeter. The No. 3 and No. 2 pack smaller bass drivers and offer a slender design for smaller rooms. 

For a small two-channel setup or surround speakers, the Vestia No. 1 bookshelf sports a two-way design with a 6-inch Slatefiber bass-mid driver and the TAM tweeter with a urethane waveguide for improved dispersion and smoothness. For a surround sound setup, the Vestia Center speaker features dual 6-inch Slatefiber bass-mid drivers and the TAM tweeter. Both the Vestia Center and Bookshelf offer matching stands for proper positioning and sleek looks. All Vestia speakers benefit from ultra-rigid MDF cabinets and high-end touches like magnetic grills. 


If you are looking for an affordable speaker setup that handles movies or music with equal aplomb, look no further than the new Focal Vestia line. Experience the Focal difference at our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!