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Interested in Smart Home Automation? Begin with Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio Is the Beginning of Your Smart Home Transformation

Interested in Smart Home Automation? Begin with Whole Home Audio

As a purveyor and custom integrator of home technology systems and solutions, GHT Group sees many clients at different stages of their journey into smart home technology in Georgia. While home automation has a host of benefits in convenience, luxury, and efficiency, we see a couple of areas that tend to draw people in. 

The first area is smart lighting. It's fairly easy to see the benefits, from effortless control to energy efficiency. The other is whole-home audio. Whole-home audio not only brings music seamlessly to every corner of your Alpharetta property, it's also a gateway to adding more layers of smart home features. Keep reading to see how.

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At Home, For Work and Play

We've said it many times before (of course not only us), music has the power to set the stage and mood. As many are still working from home, a whole-home sound system can set the background for a relaxed yet productive work environment. It's incredibly easy to find tailored playlists suitable for workdays on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. With speakers throughout the house, the music moves with you seamlessly as you step into the kitchen for coffee or a snack. Taking a break at midday for much-needed exercise? Pick up your smartphone and call up a high energy playlist in your exercise room as you pedal or row away. Or relax with yoga and more meditative tunes to ease the day’s work stress.

Music is one part of the equation to set the scene. Adding smart home features like lighting control, motorized shades, and intelligent climate control helps tune in your ideal home environment for whatever you’re doing. Your automated shades can raise and lower to balance natural light with interior light in your home office and elsewhere. Your home gym can be set to a cooler temperature for your workout (or warmer for hot yoga!), and a more efficient setting when you’re not in the room. Similarly, your lights set up for your activity – bright in the home gym for the workout, off when not needed. All of this can be managed with a smart home system like Control4, which makes all these features work together to enhance everything you do at home.


Whether you're entertaining is socially distant or restricted to close family and friends, your smart home and whole-home audio systems make it better. With beautiful early fall weather in the Atlanta area, you can open up your house for an indoor/outdoor hangout where guests can flow freely, and the music will too. With smart lighting, your lights will fade up inside and outside as the party extends into the evening with the setting sun. Inside, motorized shades that kept the sun’s glare out can rise to reveal the outdoor view. Your smart home lets you manage all this from a centralized, easy-to-use interface. One button sets the scene or changes it according to your desires.


Staying Safe

When the day is done – whether it was work, school, or play – your smart home can secure itself. A popular automation is a “goodnight” scene, where your smart home can lock the doors (with smart locks), turn on outside lights for safety and security, arm the alarm system and cameras, and set the preferred temperature for sleeping. Of course, your whole-home audio system can play a role here, automatically turning on a preferred streaming playlist to gently relax you into slumber at just the right volume in the master bedroom.


Get to know more about how whole-home audio and smart technology can transform your residence.  Contact us here, or use the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our home technology experts. We look forward to working with you! 


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