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Work with a Lutron Dealer Early in Your Remodel or Build Project

Incorporate the Latest in Lighting Design and Management with Lutron Solutions

Work with a Lutron Dealer Early in Your Remodel or Build Project

Have you found the perfect vacation or retirement home in Miramar Beach? You're likely very excited about your new Florida Panhandle property. If it's a lot that you are going to custom build or an existing home that you will remodel or perhaps extend, you will want to plan early for lighting control and other smart home features. 


The best way to prepare your home for smart lighting and automation is to bring in a Lutron dealer early in the design phase. Then you can more easily integrate the latest solutions like tunable Ketra lighting, motorized window treatments, and more that will make your Miramar Beach home more luxurious, comfortable, and efficient. Explore the benefits of working with a Lutron dealer below.

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Tunable Lighting

Tunable lighting lets you change the white color temperature of lighting and also use color in home illumination. Imagine seamlessly blending your interior lighting with the color temperature of light streaming through your window. You can use bluer, brighter light during the day for focus and energy and warm red and amber tones later in the day to ease into relaxation and a good night’s sleep. With color capability, you can use a rainbow of colors in ambient and accent lighting to highlight the beauty of your new home.

This type of lighting isn't done with standard lighting packages. Instead, a Lutron dealer like GHT Group will design ambient and task lighting with special Lutron Ketra fixtures. For proper control, a Lutron HomeWorks panelized lighting system can be installed to manage all the lighting in your home intelligently. Planning early in the build process simplifies adding these features with wiring and other preparation. 

Lutron Shading 

The other aspect of managing light is controlling natural light in the home. Powered shading is a valuable smart feature in Florida to protect your interiors from excess UV light and limit heat gain in the hot summer months. Lutron offers a wealth of motorized window treatment options for your new home. While some of these are battery-powered and easy to install, we highly recommend wired power if you can install it at the right stage. Wired motors will supply more power to heavy motorized window treatments like roman shades and drapery tracks, so you'll have more options for window treatment styles, especially for large windows. 

Lighting Control

Planning for lighting control early in the build process also allows more choice in control options. Lutron offers a wide variety of stylish, programmable wall keypads that range from the ultra-modern Palladiom to the retro-modern Alissa. For the ultimate in choice, wiring your home for a centralized Lutron system like HomeWorks will give you the widest selection of options for keypads and other control mechanisms like voice.  


Let GHT Group, your local Lutron dealer, work with you to create a perfectly illuminated home. To learn more, contact our Rosemary Beach office here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you!