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How Control4 Can Ease Everyday Stress with Automation

Let Smart Technology Do the Routine While You Focus on the Important Things

How Control4 Can Ease Everyday Stress with Automation

Social distancing may be easing, but things are not going back to "normal" immediately. With most activity now confined to the home – be it work, school, or entertainment – stress levels have been rising. Having the entire family at home, doing all the things they often do elsewhere, can become a balancing act.

However, there are things we can do to make everyday life more comfortable in Brookhaven, GA. When you're home a lot, you might tend to notice some routine tasks that you often do, over and over. Fortunately, smart technology offers some solutions to take a bit of the load off. And these things will be just as valuable timesavers when social distancing is a distant memory. Read on to see how a Control4 smart home control system sweats the small stuff while you make the most of your time at home. 

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Keep Comfortable

Does every member of your family prefer a different temperature? When everyone is inside for a long time working, studying, or playing, keeping the temperature comfortable for everyone can be tricky. Smart thermostats, coupled with Control4 home automation, can help. You can use temperature sensors to monitor multiple areas and tune the system to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house, while still giving some control to family member preferences when they are in a room. When a space is unoccupied, those same sensors can turn down that HVAC zone for energy efficiency. Better yet, a Control4 system can combine smart climate control with other functions like lighting and motorized shades for both comfort and energy efficiency.

Illuminate Well

We've written before about the power of lighting for well-being, and as more activity happens at home, the more critical it is. Proper task lighting is essential to maintain focus and reduce eye strain. A Control4 system can control lighting and powered shades to keep a healthy balance of natural and artificial light for whatever activities are going on. You can go further with tunable white lighting, which mimics the natural intensity and hue of sunlight. It varies throughout the day, offering light which is more in tune with our natural human rhythms. One touch on a Contro4 touch screen, a customized wall keypad, or on a smartphone can create the "just right" scene for a variety of doings, from cooking to homework to unwinding with favorite Netflix shows. 

Stay Safe

Smart home automation harnesses the intelligence of smart devices to create a safer home with less effort. Smart lock equipped doors can be checked, locked, and unlocked with a glance and a touch. Smart locks can also inform you when a door has been opened and keep track of all those events. At bedtime, you can use a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa to say "Goodnight" and have Control4 lock your smart doors, turn on your security cameras, arm the alarm system, and turn on outside lights of your choice. If you've had a busy day, these smart automations will let you relax and rest that much easier. 

Let Control4 smart automation take the edge off in these challenging times. GHT Group is ready to help customers across the metro Atlanta area while taking all the necessary precautions for health and safety.  Contact us here or click below to quickly connect with one of our Control4 experts – we look forward to working with you! 

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