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Learn Why GHT Group is a Proud Member of HTSA

Smart Home Companies Need to Keep Pace with the Industry

Learn Why GHT Group is a Proud Member of HTSA

Just recently, we underwent a name change and rebranding from Georgia Home Theater to GHT Group. The new name reflects a widened focus and expansion of the company’s scope that’s been underway for a long time, and having “home theater” in our name did not accurately portray everything that we were doing in home technology.

Our broad footprint across audiovisual and home technologies also led us to becoming part of HTSA. HTSA stands for Home Technology Specialists of America, and our membership in the organization also reflects the evolution from Georgia Home Theater to GHT Group.

What is HTSA, and why is it important that GHT Group become part of it? As a leading smart home company serving Buckhead, Atlanta, and beyond, it reflects our commitment to delivering the best home technology products, solutions, and service to our client.

Read on to learn more about how our involvement with HTSA benefits you.

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About HTSA

HTSA is an industry organization for the top tier of the home technology integration industry. The organization offers members access to unique educational, training, and networking opportunities. HTSA was formed in 1996 to create thought leadership across the consumer electronics retail and integration industry. One of the founding principles of the organization was to help its members evolve with the industry.

The technology of the industries we are involved in have changed markedly in the past two decades. Audio and video have migrated to digital technologies, and powerful hardware and software have ushered in home automation and technology products far more powerful than ever before. The nature of retail and purchasing has also changed drastically with the internet. Through it all, HTSA has remained committed to having its membership keep up with the pace of change. The organization provides an intelligent forum to exchange ideas and best practices, and assists us as we evolve and continue to deliver solutions and services of high value to clients.

HTSA Benefits to GHT

HTSA maintains close relationships with the premier products and solutions in our business. As we’ve discussed before, GHT Group chooses the best brands and solutions to represent - companies like Klipsch, Sony, Control4, and Crestron. HTSA enables its membership to access exclusive programs, training, and pricing from the industry’s top-tier companies. The result? It enables GHT Group to deliver more cost-effective solutions for clients, access to the highest quality products, and the most expert installation and support.

Another vital benefit of HTSA membership is access to invitation-only events. These events put together training, workshops, and leading industry speakers to increase knowledge, develop industry partnerships, and enable members to think and grow strategically to serve customers better.

GHT Group’s membership in HTSA is another example of our commitment to be the best. We want to offer the best brands, solutions, service, and customer experience. For over 30 years, we have been doing just that, and we plan to keep doing it – and evolving – as the industry changes.  We invite you to visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with us. We look forward to working with you!

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