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Is Tunable Lighting a Fad or the Real Thing?

Exploring the Real Benefits of Tunable Lighting Systems

Is Tunable Lighting a Fad or the Real Thing?

Is light just light? Of course, it isn't. iIdeally, light is tailored to the environment it needs to illuminate. Too much light in a space can be fatiguing, and so can too little light. But light is more than just its intensity; it also has a color temperature. We all understand different light intuitively and react to it quite naturally, without realizing its effect on us most of the time.

So what is a tunable lighting system, and what does it bring to the world of home lighting? Let's discuss what it is and what it can do for your Brookhaven, GA, home.

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Tunable Lighting

Tunable lighting is a relatively recent phenomenon, enabled by the adoption of LED technology in lighting bulbs and fixtures. LED technology can uniquely mix color into white light in almost infinite variations. With older technologies like incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen, the color temperature was fixed. If you wanted a cooler or warmer light, you needed to change the bulb or fixture. Tunable lighting also adds smart connectivity and control, where a control system can enable the light to change the color temperature or color.

Mood and Focus

Many studies have shown that lighting matters in different environments, from schools to offices to factories. Lighting intensity and color temperature can affect mood, energy, and productivity. It can even affect sleep cycles. The Circadian rhythm is the natural progression of our physical, mental, and behavioral changes over a 24-hour period. It is profoundly affected by light, which is why we sleep at night and not by day! During the day, the sun's brighter, cooler, bluer light energizes and helps with focus, while the redder, amber tones of a setting sun relax us and prepare our bodies and brains to wind down for sleep. With tunable lighting, you can enhance these natural cycles by matching indoor light to activity and natural lighting.

A Customized Environment and Aesthetic

Beyond the wellness-related benefits, tunable lighting offers an enriched level of control over your home environment. The ability to change color and white color temperature can create a unique ambiance. Tunable lighting also has a high CRI, or color rendering index, which describes the accuracy of how white light renders color to the human eye. Color and color temperature can change the way you see the finishes, furnishings, and decor of your home. Tunable lighting can add drama to your home or make prized pieces of artwork pop in a way they did not before. It’s one reason high-end tunable lighting like Lutron Ketra is used in museums. In your home, tunable lighting can set the stage for a party with splashes of color and put the focus on the best architectural and artistic parts of your home.

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