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Motorized Window Shades: A Q&A with GHT Group

GHT Group’s Experience with Custom Automated Shading Solutions

Motorized Window Shades: A Q&A with GHT Group

As homes in Atlanta become smarter and more connected, motorized window shades are fast becoming a key feature in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of modern living spaces. At GHT Group, we understand the value of integrating these sophisticated systems and specialize in customizing them to fit your unique lifestyle needs. Drawing from years of experience and a deep commitment to innovative home technology, we've compiled a list of the most common questions we encounter about automated shades. Here, we share our expertise and real-life experiences to help you understand how these solutions can elevate your home's comfort and convenience.

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How does GHT Group approach motorized shade projects? Are they often standalone requests or part of broader smart home integrations?

At GHT Group, motorized window shades are rarely a standalone project. Most often, they're part of a bigger home project. They often come to us from a builder referral. Many of our clients in Atlanta start with a particular need—perhaps they're setting up a home theater or updating their lighting systems—and soon realize the benefits of adding motorized shades. These shades integrate well with other smart home systems, enhancing functionality and style. 

Given the breadth of your installations, how frequently do motorized shades feature in your smart home projects?

Motorized shades are a fundamental component in most of our smart home projects. In our 20,000-square-foot showroom in Marietta, clients can experience firsthand how these systems work with a wide range of smart home technologies. We love showing clients how motorized shading can be an integral part of a smart home, along with solutions like whole-home audio, smart lighting, climate control, and more. 

When do you recommend hardwired over wireless motorized shade systems?

We always prefer hardwired solutions when feasible, especially in new construction or major renovations. Hardwired systems are incredibly reliable and eliminate the need for battery replacements, which can be cumbersome, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. If wiring isn’t an option, wireless shading systems have their place, especially in older homes where you need to preserve integrity and unique finishes. They still provide significant benefits, but hardwired is the way to go for ultimate longevity and reliability.

What are the most popular control methods for motorized shades that GHT installs?

Schedules tend to be the most popular because they offer a 'set and forget' solution. We can program them to align with the sun's position and the homeowners' daily routines. However, manual controls via apps and wall-mounted keypads are also common, providing flexibility to adjust settings on the fly. Integration with systems like Lutron and Control4 allows homeowners to manage shades in sync with lighting, climate control, and other home automation features.

What are the most popular motorized shades GHT Group installs?

We'd have to say that Lutron's Palladiom roller shading is the most popular right now. It's a designer favorite and a great fit with modern interior design trends. But it's not all we do. Roman shades are becoming popular again, and we also do motorized drapery tracks. While we don't do the fabrics for them, we work with designers who specify the material and style, and we install them on the motor systems. Lutron also has Romans and drapery track options, and they're all just as easy to control and automate as roller shades.

What are the most challenging shades/window treatments you do?

Well, just as with lighting, height can be a bit of an installation challenge. In any home with very high ceilings, you might need to use scaffolding to reach the windows. It also helps that we now have a dedicated shade installation team. We do many shade projects, and having a highly trained, specialized team makes them very efficient and highly adept at tackling the most challenging installations. 

How does GHT Group handle motorized shades in home theaters or media spaces?

While most dedicated home theaters are windowless, we do often convert unused bedrooms or guestrooms into media spaces, especially with empty nester couples who find themselves with extra space after the kids are gone. In these cases we like to use blackout treatments for full light control. The great thing about motorized shading is that you can have dual motors, one for the blackout and one for the shade material, so you can have whatever level of automated light control you need.

What do clients most love about automated shades? The convenience? Energy efficiency? Looks?

We find that the convenience factor is something everyone appreciates. Raising, lowering, opening, and closing window treatments in a large home is tedious and time-consuming. Automated shading gives you instant privacy at night, a naturally lit home when you want it, and more. It changes the look and feel of your home, all without lifting a finger.

What are the best ways to use outdoor motorized shades?

Here in Atlanta, we get a relatively mild four-season climate. Still, outdoor spaces can get too hot in summer and too cold in late fall and winter. But outdoor shading changes the game. In summer, the shades can tame the sun—and bugs, too—making your outdoor patio far more comfortable. When it's cold, outdoor shades can block the wind, and if you add patio heaters, you can have a cozy space to enjoy without bundling up in full Patagonia. So we love to explain how outdoor shades help create an extension of your indoor space, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather isn't perfect.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of motorized shading for your home? Visit our Marietta showroom to see them in action, along with a full range of smart home and entertainment solutions. To learn more, contact us today or click the chat box below to connect quickly with one of our staff members. We look forward to working with you!