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GHT Group is your go-to expert for home technology in Destin, Florida. Specializing in smart home automation, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor audio-video systems, and luxury lighting and shading solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the lifestyle and value of your Destin home. Whether your residence overlooks the crystalline emerald waters or is tucked away near the soft, quartz sand beaches, our tailored technology solutions are designed to elevate every aspect of your coastal living experience.

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Indoor Services

Smart Home Automation Systems

Imagine a home that seamlessly adjusts to your lifestyle, welcoming you each morning with the soft, natural light of a Gulf Coast sunrise. GHT Group specializes in designing custom smart home systems tailored to the unique needs and desires of Destin homeowners. Discover the enhanced convenience and luxury of smart home living with GHT Group. Let us transform your home with cutting-edge automation that brings your dream beach house to life.

Motorized Shades: Experience motorized shades that gently rise with the dawn, offering you unobstructed views of spectacular beachfront sunrises directly from your bedroom.

One-Button Control for Lighting: Simplify your life with the convenience of one-button lighting control, allowing you to illuminate or darken your home effortlessly—perfect for enhancing the ambiance or securing your space at night.

Customized Solutions: As a certified dealer for leading technologies like Crestron and Control4, we work closely with you to create a smart home system that perfectly fits your vision and lifestyle.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Our commitment to you continues well beyond installation. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your smart home technology always performs at its peak, keeping your home comfortable, secure, and connected.

Lighting Control Systems

Our team of dedicated residential lighting designers is committed to enriching the aesthetics and ambiance of your home. Inspired by the stunning visual harmony of Destin's beaches, we aim to reflect this natural beauty within your living space, whether you are constructing a new home or embarking on an extensive renovation.

Lighting Infrastructure Design: We collaborate closely with your architect or homebuilder to integrate optimal lighting solutions into the very infrastructure of your home. Our goal is to ensure that every room is illuminated perfectly, enhancing both the functionality and elegance of your space.

Lighting Selection and Installation: At GHT Group, we provide expert guidance in selecting and installing the ideal lighting fixtures, controls, and window treatments tailored to your home. Recognizing that each home is unique, we personalize our services to align with your specific requirements and vision.

Certified Lutron Dealer: As a certified dealer of Lutron, we offer access to their top-tier lighting and shading products, including Ketra tunable LED lighting and the sophisticated Palladiom shades and keypads. We also support the comprehensive HomeWorks QS lighting control platform, ensuring seamless integration and control.

Additional Brands: Beyond Lutron, we offer solutions from other industry leaders, such as Crestron’s window treatments and controls, along with Control4’s advanced lighting and shade controls. This diversity of options allows us to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your home.


Transform your home with GHT Group’s lighting and shading solutions, where every detail is tailored to create the perfect atmosphere and functionality for your living spaces. Contact us today to discover how we can illuminate the potential of your home with our tailored lighting and shading options. Let GHT Group transform your space into a stunning showcase of modern living, where comfort meets elegance in every detail.

Intuitive Control Systems: Manage all of your window treatments with just a tap on your touchscreen panel and smartphone.

Personalized Ambiance: Customize your living environment at the touch of a button. Adjust lighting and shades to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion or mood.

Energy Management: Enhance energy efficiency with automated shading and lighting systems that adjust based on time of day and sunlight exposure, reducing your carbon footprint while optimizing indoor comfort.

Home Theaters & A/V

Create a personalized cinema experience with GHT Group’s bespoke home theater and audio/video systems. Our tailored solutions bring high-quality sound and visuals to your entertainment space, ensuring every viewing is spectacular.

Custom Installation: Tailored audiovisual setups that fit your space and style preferences, providing the perfect cinematic ambiance.

Advanced Sound Technology: Experience immersive, theater-quality sound with our state-of-the-art audio systems that envelop you in the action.

Seamless Integration: Our systems integrate smoothly with your existing home automation, offering ease of use and a streamlined aesthetic.

Outdoor Services

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with GHT Group’s superior outdoor lighting solutions, expertly designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your exteriors. Our systems are tailored to blend seamlessly with your landscape, providing both security and aesthetic appeal. Contact us to discover how our lighting can transform your outdoor living areas into enchanting spaces.

Durable Design: Our outdoor lighting is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity no matter the climate.

Weatherproof Solutions: Our outdoor patio lighting, screens, and equipment are engineered to endure through tropical storms and intense summer weather, providing peace of mind and continuous functionality.

Efficient Installation: Quick and efficient installation processes mean your outdoor spaces are lit and ready to enjoy without extensive downtime or disruption.

Outdoor Shading

Extend the comfort of your indoor living to the outdoors with GHT Group’s innovative outdoor shading solutions. Our offerings are designed to provide optimal comfort by protecting against the sun’s heat and glare while enhancing your home’s overall energy efficiency. Enhance your outdoor experience with our stylish and practical shading options.

Customizable Comfort: Tailor your outdoor shading to fit the specific needs of your space, allowing for adjustable light and temperature control.

Seamless Integration: Our shading solutions integrate smoothly with existing outdoor elements, maintaining a cohesive look while adding functionality.

Enhanced Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, our outdoor shades are built to last, resisting wear and tear from weather and UV exposure.


Why limit the fun to the indoors when you live in beautiful Destin, Florida? Turn your backyard into the ultimate entertainment destination with GHT Group’s outdoor entertainment solutions. Experience the perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor excitement with GHT Group’s comprehensive outdoor entertainment solutions. Elevate your home’s entertainment possibilities today!

Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces: Equip your outdoor areas with a distributed audio system, transforming them into comfortable extensions of your indoor living space.

Convenient Controls: Seamlessly manage your outdoor environment using integrated controls. Adjust the volume of your outdoor audio system, control the lighting and temperature of your pool, and switch channels on your outdoor television—all from the same interface.

Weatherproof Design: Your outdoor speakers are built to last any weather conditions, from intense rain storms to high temperatures.

Outdoor Video Solutions

Elevate your outdoor entertainment with GHT Group’s cutting-edge outdoor video solutions. Perfect for any backyard or patio, our systems deliver high-quality visuals that remain clear and vivid, even in bright sunlight. Experience the best in outdoor viewing with technology that brings your favorite films and sports to life outside.

High-Definition Displays: Enjoy crisp, clear visuals with our high-definition outdoor screens, designed to reduce glare and enhance viewing pleasure in natural light.

Weather-Resistant Technology: Our video equipment is built to withstand the elements, ensuring durability and performance regardless of weather conditions.

Seamless Integration: Integrate outdoor video with your existing home entertainment system for a unified and user-friendly experience.

Outdoor Network Setups

Stay connected with GHT Group’s robust outdoor network setups. Tailored to meet the demands of any outdoor space, our solutions ensure strong and stable Wi-Fi coverage that extends to every corner of your yard, enabling seamless streaming and connectivity outdoors.

Extended Coverage: Our network solutions amplify your Wi-Fi signal, ensuring strong and consistent coverage throughout your outdoor spaces.

Durable Equipment: Utilize technology designed for outdoor use, capable of withstanding environmental stresses while maintaining optimal performance.

Professional Installation: Trust our experts for a swift and effective setup, optimizing your outdoor network for immediate use without disrupting your landscape aesthetics.

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