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Enlightening the Outdoors

Explore How GHT Group Transforms Outdoor Spaces with Lighting

Enlightening the Outdoors

As outdoor spaces become extensions of homes, the role of outdoor lighting is increasingly important in enhancing the functionality and the allure of these areas. At GHT Group, we recognize the transformative impact of well-designed outdoor lighting solutions and specialize in designing and integrating these systems to complement your lifestyle. With our extensive expertise in building outdoor living solutions for clients, we've gathered the most common inquiries we receive about outdoor lighting. In this discussion, we share our insights and practical experiences to help you understand the many ways sophisticated lighting design can elevate the beauty and security of your outdoor environments.


Do you do standalone outdoor lighting projects, or are they part of other things like outdoor sound, TV, etc?

We aren't a lighting company per se; we are a smart home and AV company. That said, lighting is a very important component of our business, and we see it as part of building an experience. So an outdoor project might include audio, TV, Wi-FI, patio shading, and automated control. It's about creating a complete solution that transforms outdoor spaces and fits how our clients like to use them.

What are popular lighting control solutions for outdoor lighting?

While you certainly can automate things through smart control systems like Control4 and Lutron, outdoor lighting usually has more simplified control. Schedules or sensors can be set to turn outdoor lights on at dusk and off at dawn, for example. However, we also install other systems that have more sophistication built in and can do things like dimming, adjusting color and color temperature, and creating different zones. Naturally, those systems will have more control options for all the solutions they provide. And sometimes, if people want it, we can integrate outdoor lighting with the smart control platform used in the rest of the house. 

What outdoor lighting solutions do you recommend most? 

Many people don’t think about landscape lighting. They might be focused on outdoor fixtures around the house, driveway entry lights, etc., especially with all the overwhelming choices to make when building a new home. But they might not consider lighting up trees, gardens, unique outdoor structures, etc. We like to educate clients about all the possibilities available, such as path lights, uplights, wash lights, and more—so that outdoor lighting is part of a plan to make their home stand out at night. 

Do people want outdoor lighting for aesthetics, security, or other reasons? 

As we mentioned before, many people might think about it as a basic need, like a light for the patio, entry, backyard, etc. We like to tell people that lighting can be as valuable as a security alarm. A well-lit property can make a would-be perpetrator pick another house that’s dark and easier to break into without notice. After all, the security alarms and cameras will tell you something is happening, but the lighting might just keep it from happening at all! However, we do create an outdoor lighting environment with aesthetics in mind, so it serves multiple purposes. When people understand all the options, they start understanding the transformative effect of lighting and its benefits. 

What are the most popular aesthetic techniques in outdoor lighting? 

It really depends on the architecture of the house, the type of yard, trees, gardens, etc. We like to inform people about the possibilities with their specific landscape. For example, there are different fixtures for particular techniques. Do they want a downlight effect from tall trees resembling moonlight? Do they want to graze or wash an interesting surface or garden? Also, we want to ensure that people think about how their plants will evolve. If they’ve just installed a new landscape, trees will grow, foliage will spread and bloom seasonally, etc. You need to think about these aspects to design and install a system that will adapt over time as needed. 

How do you integrate outdoor lighting with smart automation to build unique outdoor environments?

If the client wants a full smart home, we can integrate the management of outside lighting with a smart control system. This is more common with the types of systems we mentioned before that can do color and zoning. So you might envision a homeowner who wants a specific look in spring and fall, with outdoor lighting that matches fall colors or the bright colors of spring blooms. And it’s relatively easy to automate that while linking it to interior scenes for entertaining and other activities. 

Do you need high or low voltage for outdoor lighting?

Most modern lighting uses LED technology and low voltage. Low voltage offers lots of flexibility and ease of installation with cabling. Of course, you need transformers to convert household high voltage current for this lighting, and depending on the size of the installation, multiple transformers might be necessary. The good news about low voltage and LED is that it is very energy efficient and long-lived, which is important for lighting that might be on for 10-12 hours or more every night. 

What do clients love most about their outdoor lighting?

They tell us it's the sense of pride they get pulling up to their property at night. The truth is, even homes and landscapes that are unremarkable by day can be made spectacular at night with the right lighting design. It makes your property stand out, adding beauty to the neighborhood. Additionally, it's a relatively inexpensive investment in improving a home, adding to perceived value. The compliments our clients receive from their guests don't hurt either! On top of that, as we mentioned, a well-lit property just feels safer at night, and the statistics show that lighting does deter bad actors. 

Are you ready to illuminate your outdoor spaces like never before? Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s security, increase its aesthetic appeal, or integrate cutting-edge smart home technology, GHT Group in Birmingham, AL, is here to guide you every step of the way. To learn more, contact us today or click the chat box below to connect quickly with one of our staff members. We look forward to working with you!