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Get Ready for Outdoor Fun with Backyard AV

TV and Sound Solutions to Bring the Entertainment Outside

Get Ready for Outdoor Fun with Backyard AV

With the excellent year-round climate of the Florida Panhandle area, it's only natural that you want to spend much of your time enjoying the gulf air and sun in your Santa Rosa Beach home. Why shouldn't you be able to enjoy your favorite audio and video entertainment outside, too? 

Imagine a space where you can enjoy your favorite movies or binge-watch the latest series, all while basking in the beautiful Florida weather. The key to this dream? A backyard audio-visual solution. With the right setup, featuring the Samsung Terrace TV and Sonance outdoor speakers, you can transform your backyard into an entertainment hub that rivals some indoor home theaters! Keep reading more.

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Samsung Terrace TV—The Outdoor Entertainment Hub

The Samsung Terrace TV is more than just a television; it's an outdoor entertainment powerhouse. This TV brings Samsung’s superb 4K QLED brightness, color, and contrast outdoors, ensuring the best picture quality whether you're watching a daytime sports game or a late-night movie. As an outdoor TV with an IP55 rating, it's protected against dust and rain, making it perfect for unpredictable Florida weather. It comes in two versions—The Terrace Partial Sun and The Terrace Full Sun—each designed to offer optimal viewing experiences under different lighting conditions. The Partial Sun model is perfect for shaded or partially-shaded outdoor spaces, while the Full Sun model can withstand direct sunlight and extreme temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sonance Outdoor Speakers—Perfect Sound for Every Space

Sonance offers a range of outdoor speaker systems designed to deliver even volume coverage and high-quality sound in any size space. The Sonance Landscape Series is a scalable outdoor speaker system that provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers hidden completely out of sight among plants and under foliage. 

For smaller spaces, the Sonance Patio Series is a perfect fit. Developed for small-scale areas, it includes four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer, providing balanced coverage and great audio performance. The Patio Series or the Sonance wall-mountable Mariners makes ideal companions for the Terrace TV, creating a comprehensive entertainment system for your patio. 

For larger outdoor areas, such as pools and yards, the Sonance Garden Series is the go-to choice. It takes elements from the industry-leading Landscape Series and creates a simpler scaled system for outdoor areas up to 3,500 square feet.

The Magic of Integration

The real magic happens when you integrate the Samsung Terrace TV with Sonance speakers. Imagine watching your favorite movie on your Terrace TV while the sound flows seamlessly from the discreet Sonance speakers. Whether using the Patio Series speakers with the TV or the Landscape and Garden Series for pools and yards, you're guaranteed an immersive audio-visual experience that will transform your outdoor living. Put it all under the control of a home automation system, and you have the ideal easy-to-use setup that will make every outdoor experience a delight. 


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